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The Audi Q2 is a posh compact SUV which aims to woo buyers with a funky design and top-notch build quality. It's competing in a tough class though, taking on rivals like the MINI Countryman and the Mercedes GLA. So it may have style, but out on the road, does it have the substance to compete agains the best in the class? Can the Q2 cater for families, or are there more practical alternatives? Find out in my full in-depth review.
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  • carwow
    carwowVor 3 years

    Save an extra £2,000 on an Audi Q2 with Audi’s scrappage scheme. Find out how here:

  • Callum Jaden

    Callum Jaden

    Vor Tag

    heres a trick: stream it at Me and my gf have been using it for streaming a lot of movies these days.

  • Aymen Kechiouch

    Aymen Kechiouch

    Vor year

    Carwow need app for phones

  • Dan Skump

    Dan Skump

    Vor 2 years

    2019 video?

  • Agent piggles

    Agent piggles

    Vor 2 years

    welp of cource america doesnt get this

  • vasileios xanthopoulos

    vasileios xanthopoulos

    Vor 3 years

    carwow do the nissan xtrail please

  • Zex Alex
    Zex AlexVor 2 Tage

    That is not a large bottle. Please use a proper 1.5l bottle.

  • Göran Melin
    Göran MelinVor Monat

    How do you put a roof rack on this car ??

  • JB C
    JB CVor Monat

    this is not 2020 Audi Q2 review!!

  • Ontheup
    OntheupVor 2 Monate

    38mpg compared to claimed 51mpg is not "pretty good" it's 25% less!

  • Dimitar Balchov
    Dimitar BalchovVor 2 Monate

    Infotament system is embarrassing for this car, feels illogical and outdated.

  • viorica cristea
    viorica cristeaVor 2 Monate

    How is this from this year and review from 3 y ago ??

  • Christopher Maloney
    Christopher MaloneyVor 3 Monate

    The q2 is like c4 cactus 2016

  • BatBail50
    BatBail50Vor 4 Monate

    I think it’s better to have mat on carWOW than carBUYER

  • Ibrahim Jubayer
    Ibrahim JubayerVor 4 Monate

    This car is CUTIE small but a Beauty

  • Ayub M
    Ayub MVor 5 Monate

    i have a Q3 and they took it in for service and gave me a Q2 for a few days...its horrible and just looks and feels cheap

  • DJ josh
    DJ joshVor 5 Monate

    Maybe he gets the cars early ?

  • Yo Yo
    Yo YoVor 5 Monate

    Hahaha You are fucking serious? Uploaded the video in 2017 and he speak about the 2020 edition Come on

  • Mike Rostov
    Mike RostovVor 5 Monate

    Price for this car is pretty seductive. Have to admit it. BUT: dashboard materials, display covering view, soundproof i can continue. Fresh second hand could be more interesting.

  • CTV
    CTVVor 6 Monate

    How is this a 2020 when the video was uploaded 3 years ago in 2017. I would understand if it was uploaded in 2019, but 3 years ago? Confused.

  • Yassin Maamoun

    Yassin Maamoun

    Vor 4 Monate

    They provably keep the titles updated unless the car itself gets an updated version. Look at the titles of the old Dacia duster or citroen c4 cactus reviews for reference.

  • J C

    J C

    Vor 4 Monate

    66 plate too which is 2017?

  • Cj Mal
    Cj MalVor 6 Monate

    Q2 is like a c4 cactus

  • Bazza62
    Bazza62Vor 6 Monate

    *Audi q2 2020* ....................... *3 years ago" What.

  • Guilherme Ribeiro
    Guilherme RibeiroVor 7 Monate

    Good car but not so good for tall persons like me...

  • bhavesh patil
    bhavesh patilVor 7 Monate

    Plz make review on indian car brand....!!!

  • Philipp 0815
    Philipp 0815Vor 7 Monate

    When will there be a review on the new Ford Kuga?

  • James Fifty-shades-of-Day
    James Fifty-shades-of-DayVor 8 Monate

    Just got one ,Lovely motor . Growing on me. Wish the screen would go down though😬

  • denise wright
    denise wrightVor 9 Monate

    Manoeuvring with DSG is best done by releasing the footbrake and allowing the car to crawl. Not by using the throttle. I would have thought that you would have learned that by now. DOH

  • 9anat issam
    9anat issamVor 10 Monate

    Audi A2 goooood

  • Chris Graham
    Chris GrahamVor 11 Monate

    Buy a hot hatch

  • Nosipho Mvakali
    Nosipho MvakaliVor year

    I really love your reviews so much

  • Nosipho Mvakali
    Nosipho MvakaliVor year

    I really love your reviews so much

  • Numerable Toast
    Numerable ToastVor year

    T Roc looks wayyy nicer than this and is better equipped.

  • Man U
    Man UVor year

    I have a 12V socket in the boot of my Q2

  • Man U

    Man U

    Vor year

    @Jerry Rawlings it's an option with another 12v socket for the rear seats and few things in the boot (spider etc) and pockets on rear seats

  • brenyboy26
    brenyboy26Vor year

    Biggest fall point of Audi is they’re the scab of all scabs when it comes to car brands. Buying higher models grants you all the extras with no hidden fees on other brands. And plastic in an Audi??? Get the fuck outta here.

  • Άγγελος Χαϊδάνης
    Άγγελος ΧαϊδάνηςVor year

    It is not q2 is. Rsq2

  • TokyoKazama
    TokyoKazamaVor year

    Guys, what do you think? Q2 or GLA class? I'm going to get one of them.

  • txoni
    txoniVor year

    q2 owners. Would you recommend this car to someone who is about to get his first car?

  • JΛMΛ


    Vor year

    no, too big and expensive for first car

  • • ktkren777 •
    • ktkren777 •Vor year

    the horrible pun at the end

  • Sal Mas
    Sal MasVor year

    Those shoes. 2:36

  • Christopher Heywood
    Christopher HeywoodVor year

    When you where from a far distance from the car it looked like a small toy car

  • Rezaul Karim
    Rezaul KarimVor year

    It Looks Like Someone Put A Audi Logo On A Ford Puma 😂

  • Tanish Amuthan
    Tanish AmuthanVor year

    Nice car

  • Dipanshu Ramphull
    Dipanshu RamphullVor year

    Heyy matts the car is small like the footballer messi

  • Cruel Britannia
    Cruel BritanniaVor year

    38.5mpg is pathetic. As per usual German cars with their average figures given a free ride. If this was a vauxhall or a Peugeot with that price and fuel economy it would've been destroyed review wise.

  • Gold Finger
    Gold FingerVor year

    This guy cracks me up so bad

  • Chris Andersson
    Chris AnderssonVor year

    He forgot to mention the most obvious problem with the car: the steering wheel is on the wrong side (haha).

  • mma
    mmaVor year

    So much bad said about this car. I love it and really think it looks neat.

  • Srived Swain

    Srived Swain

    Vor 6 Monate

    @Aikaramba no not at all. Infact i love the car

  • Aikaramba


    Vor 6 Monate

    Srived Swain you probably own this car and regret it bigtime

  • Srived Swain

    Srived Swain

    Vor 6 Monate

    @Aikaramba yeah please shut the f up

  • Aikaramba


    Vor 8 Monate

    You should get your eyes checked

  • farmoboy83


    Vor year

    Like the car and drives well with dct and 1.0tsi but 32000eur in portugal is pornographic for somethind that is basically an utilitary

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel EvansVor year

    This is *THE BEST LOOKING AUDI* in their line up of new cars!!! Anyone agree????

  • Jay M

    Jay M

    Vor 3 Monate

    Daniel Evans no that’s a stretch now relax man said best loooking car tf u on bout🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️pile of shit this car is

  • esham one

    esham one

    Vor 3 Monate


  • New Generation 24

    New Generation 24

    Vor year


  • PoodleMan
    PoodleManVor year

    The 'handy hook' is impossible to use if you don't want to trap your coat in the door.

  • Aref Karimi
    Aref KarimiVor 2 years

    With that money, you can buy a Mercedes Benz GLA. Audi is way too overpriced

  • Raghu Veer

    Raghu Veer

    Vor year

    Aref Karimi GLA feels like a cheap Indian car, especially the interior material. And it has a Renault engine. People only buy it for the badge.

  • Sophie Appleton
    Sophie AppletonVor 2 years

    I'm collecting my 1.6 diesel next week I keep having mixed thoughts have I done a bad buy!

  • Jay M

    Jay M

    Vor 3 Monate

    Sophie Appleton yh

  • Jakob Laube

    Jakob Laube

    Vor year

    Hey, how do you like your Q2...just saw this comment and wondered if you do in fact regret it?

  • Melvin Chen
    Melvin ChenVor 2 years

    1:59 the rear door bin has a boot open button? :D caught u! @carwow

  • Bilal Khan

    Bilal Khan

    Vor 7 Monate

    i think its the front door, because i saw that it has 2 window switches

  • Jay Alex
    Jay AlexVor 2 years

    The door shutting at the end did not sound right.

  • Jim Carr
    Jim CarrVor 2 years

    So when do you have five people in your car who are all over six foot? Someone help me! Matt you're an imbecile!

  • Josh Kroenke
    Josh KroenkeVor 2 years

    Soccer mom’s car!

  • S T
    S TVor 2 years

    I like Q2.

  • DefinitivLuca
    DefinitivLucaVor 2 years

    Made my Driving License in this car.

  • Lucky Heart
    Lucky HeartVor 2 years

    පට්ට 🇱🇰

  • L Wills
    L WillsVor 2 years

    no one gives a fuck about hard plastics and 2 ltr water bottles. drop the cliche shite

  • Ahmed Ibrahim
    Ahmed IbrahimVor 2 years

    So when did this come to existence ?

  • Steven Hunter
    Steven HunterVor 2 years

    I always find some things you say to be wrong and actually not standard!

  • Eddie D
    Eddie DVor 2 years

    Imagine all the people listen Matt we would never buy a car in our life. Before 20 years my Dad drive a Fiat 500 and in that car we fit 5 people, and we had a lot of space and we all feel comftomble. Today all cars are spacious pretty much more than a Fiat 500 and he always complain.

  • alfredlikc00


    Vor year

    Anyway, why would you get the 500 and not an Abarth? The Fiat 500 is slow

  • alfredlikc00


    Vor year

    Anyway, why would you never buy a car? Everybody I know have had at least 2.

  • alfredlikc00


    Vor year

    Eddie D “A lot of space” Is this a joke?

  • MrTry
    MrTryVor 2 years

    Mat... Stormtrooper reference on a German car,🤔 come on mate 😂😂

  • Dr. Syed Hassan
    Dr. Syed HassanVor 2 years

    please Review 35 TFSI engines in 2019 Audi Q2

  • Alexander morales
    Alexander moralesVor 2 years

    6:41 that voice distortion lol 😂 😂

  • Soda Drinkin' Corridor Janitor

    Soda Drinkin' Corridor Janitor

    Vor 3 Monate

    What? Oh

  • Euan Hamilton
    Euan HamiltonVor 2 years

    For a so called "luxury" car brand it lacks in.......well luxury. Doesn't even have heated front seats, which personally i think should be standard in a car of such brand, especially at the price they charge for a basic model!

  • catizirtobe
    catizirtobeVor 2 years

    Like the dark interior

  • Dave Eastwood
    Dave EastwoodVor 2 years

    How many cars has he scratched with the way takes the suitcase out like that

  • Dyllen-Maine
    Dyllen-MaineVor 2 years

    We are looking for an Audi family car and this Q2 is a pretty good example...

  • russiangangla
    russianganglaVor 2 years

    Looks like 80s design. Boring

  • Dr. Anne
    Dr. AnneVor 2 years

    *carwow, or maybe it's just Mat Watson?) has a really annoying bias in favour of ALL Audi models they review. So much so, it genuinely makes me wonder whether there's some bulging brown envelopes being exchanged from Audi to carwow? For something wearing an Audi badge, the Q2 is crapola in just about every respect, when compared to many other cars in this price bracket. Just a quick example of the bias... Mat Watson said Audi claim an average of 51+ mpg. He was getting 38+, yet still described that as **_"good"._** Yet in many other reviews, he describes that level of difference as poor and/or pathetic. And after all the faults (which are numerous), he reckons at the end that you should shortlist the Q2. It just doesn't ring true.*

  • Ecco the Dolphin
    Ecco the DolphinVor 2 years

    It’s so stylish, looks way nicer than a golf or a polo

  • kolyan1980
    kolyan1980Vor 2 years

    What’s next ? Audi Q 0.5 ??

  • Yanni
    YanniVor 2 years

    Awful interior well below the competition, boring exterior.

  • Lachylan
    LachylanVor 2 years

    What about the fact that you can’t get keyless entry or start on any model? WTF

  • Ahmad Ali
    Ahmad AliVor 2 years

    please audi q3 full review

  • Dps
    DpsVor 2 years

    Very very bad. This is only a Polo Whith a brand different.

  • marksapollo
    marksapolloVor 2 years

    The GLA looks much better. This thing just looks, erm, odd!

  • Vu Nguyen
    Vu NguyenVor 2 years

    That’s my favourite Q2 there

  • Jorge Alves

    Jorge Alves

    Vor 4 Tage

    Audi Q2 test

  • Kirk Mani
    Kirk ManiVor 2 years

    Pick mine up Friday last car was a Corsa d, this electromechanical brake is scaring me as first thing I face is a hill with lights

  • Kreative Liquidator
    Kreative LiquidatorVor 2 years

    Should i sell my BMW i3 for this car?

  • Walks and Such
    Walks and SuchVor 2 years

    idc what people say, i think this car looks great inside and out....too bad we don't have a U.S. version and the Q3 looks so out-dated.

  • Amchoo_
    Amchoo_Vor 2 years

    at the back its just like the new polo

  • theBLlover
    theBLloverVor 2 years


  • Matheus Henrique
    Matheus HenriqueVor 2 years

    The front looks like a Navigator 😐

  • hdllz
    hdllzVor 2 years

    I want this as my first car, who ever read this what do you think?

  • hdllz


    Vor 4 Monate

    TalkswithTia _ things got wild for the past 2 years, I still have no car lmao, and now I’m 100% sure that I want Jeep wragler

  • TalkswithTia _

    TalkswithTia _

    Vor 4 Monate

    Get it

  • Lewis Johnston
    Lewis JohnstonVor 2 years

    MW is a brilliant and very professional presenter. Love all his informative and honest reviews

  • The Revenant
    The RevenantVor 2 years

    Audi interiors are terrible compared to Mercedes and BMW 🙈 sorry it looks really tacky and cheap 🤣

  • what
    whatVor 2 years

    The back and especially the taillights resemble the previous gen A class. Wtf Audi. What is tgis atrocity of a car, and your whole 2018 line-up. It's all the same, bland, uninteresting....what has happened. You ruined the A7 and the A6, two of the most menacing looking, and all in all, attractive, cars ever. You made them sterile and boring. Wake up

  • Phil Bradley
    Phil BradleyVor 2 years

    You always mention the rear pillars in terms of viewing. Absolutely rubbish. You have a rear view mirror and side mirrors. As an advanced driver, I've never had the need to turn my neck 180 degrees to see anything behind.

  • Callum Boothroyd
    Callum BoothroydVor 2 years

    One thing that gets me down is people who don't understand something like the motability scheme. This car is under 120bhp which is the limit for people under 25, it's a good looker and tall enough for disabled people to get in. I think it's a great package for £400 advance payment. Yeah maybe it's not too good if you want to outright buy it or lease it, but in some ways it's a great little car

  • alfredlikc00


    Vor year

    Well, I’d get the 2 liter one with 187bhp. 120 is way too underpowered. But it’s still quite slow though, 0-60 is 6.5 seconds.

  • Luke Kelly

    Luke Kelly

    Vor year

    @Fran Camino Would this be any good for a big guy? I struggle for room with my prosthetic legs, currently have a Juke but it's going back at the end of the year

  • Fran Camino

    Fran Camino

    Vor 2 years

    Callum Boothroyd Having knee problems it is exactly why I have bought it.

  • Callum Boothroyd

    Callum Boothroyd

    Vor 2 years

    Kirk Mani np, enjoy!

  • Kirk Mani

    Kirk Mani

    Vor 2 years

    Callum Boothroyd thank u I got the 1.0 lite sport model on Friday , the handbrake is kinda automatic as long as I tap on brake when stoped it kicks in, I was worried as first lights I faced was top of a hill thank u

  • Carlito
    CarlitoVor 2 years

    T roc is better looking and cheaper

  • Jamie Tindall
    Jamie TindallVor 2 years

    Can you review the Mazda CX-3 please.Great videos. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Ridwan khoda
    Ridwan khodaVor 2 years

    Which small SUV should I just go ahead and buy it

  • Tebogo Michael
    Tebogo MichaelVor 2 years

    Looks like a polo on rear tail lights

  • SomeRandom
    SomeRandomVor 2 years

    Im so sick of all the comments saying its a big Polo or Golf. In manufacturing, its so common to share common components and designs in a car. Also, most people buying this car dont even give a damn about the review. Meaning, they arent car people. They will buy because of the brand, its higher up, technology inside. Why do people buy iMacs?? You can build a pc for half the price. Get over it ppl. Consumers are different. Im sure some of you buy Nike shoes instead of Target brand runners.

  • Mike Rostov

    Mike Rostov

    Vor 5 Monate

    I dont think your analogy with imacs could land right way in this case. Q2 is audi answer for market demanding of crossovers

  • Freddy Kings
    Freddy KingsVor 2 years

    Do an Audi q2 vs a3 comparison

  • Rico Diamondz
    Rico DiamondzVor 2 years

    So cheesey this guy

  • STAR of SUN
    STAR of SUNVor 3 years

    Ugly car

  • DO51 LAB
    DO51 LABVor 3 years

    The mpg readout at 4:37 showed a diesel rev counter on a petrol car...

  • Raul BM
    Raul BMVor 3 years

    Kia Niro Sportage or this?!?!?! Love your reviews man, thank you!

  • Raul BM

    Raul BM

    Vor 21 Tag

    @Vipula Samudre well, the car don’t love you back , is just metal it has no feelings...

  • Vipula Samudre

    Vipula Samudre

    Vor 21 Tag

    I have a Kia Niro and I absolutely love my car... !!! None to compete !!!

  • Mahir Aydin
    Mahir AydinVor 3 years

    2:35 Mat watson what are thoooooooooooooose

  • PN Motorworld
    PN MotorworldVor 3 years

    It don't hav the S of SUV

  • mistertee
    misterteeVor 3 years

    Cool car but this entire sub-category makes zero sense. Just a buy a Golf or an A3 hatch and save a good deal of money.

  • Svein Arne Grønnevik
    Svein Arne GrønnevikVor 3 years

    The 1,4 turbo have had it's problems. For the owners...