Drake - What’s Next


Music video by Drake performing What’s Next. © 2021 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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    Metro boomin want some more neggo.

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    Drake is music's equivalent to the NBA's steph curry.erything he put up GOOD!🚬🔥🔥🔥

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    When your uncle edited this video: 👁👄👁 h u h

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    Drake= 🐐

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    Drizzy 🐐

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    Blackface Drake Can't Survive Without Ghostwriters. 😂🤣

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    2:40 shows just how much it means to have real ones by your side. them cats been there since the ground with bro and the asian looking guy is in this little documentary and said "this guy is going to blow up" now look

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    Speak on my people We cut up your kids Burned your babies Slayed your kin

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    Crazy, not even Drake can Top Tekashi 69 lol and he's mainstream.

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    2025 this video has over 1 billion views 8 million likes

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    yoh shit what a jam

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    CJ Francis IV I hear you brody! 🔥🥵

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    Drake lixo... Mandou matar o xxx tentacion... Mais não vai ficar assim eu vou matar esse lixo

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    Drake 🧛‍♂️ Dracula. Blood 🩸 Family First. We love ya 🩸

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    I texted Billie ellish killed xxtention stole Kim k from kanye what next OK ok

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    Yo this fyeeeeeeeee🔥🔥🔥

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    Pusha T needs to diss drake again in order for people to remember he still a rapper.

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    The line when he goes summer all i did was rest ok new years all i did was stretch in valentines day i had sicks that hit hard bro

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    If u listen its heading of time ..

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    A drake sign me im ready please I got 3 songs e

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    Legendary music

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    This is a hit

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    Have fun sitting in that little box, while I walk through my streets with no socks You're a clown not a wrapper quit stalking, the numbers not the only thing changed we through talking

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    Put it on his tab

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    That a playboi cardi style beat on God!!

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    Man you blessed keep up the good work jaming

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    Dope as usual!

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    ouuu heattttt

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    That was a trip that I will never forget

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    Hot beat

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    1 of my fav artiste🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Drake already finished the race, homie’s just making victory laps

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    G.O.A.T número 1🔥

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    *Drake got all achievements Drake: What's next

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    Drake completed this rap game a long time ago now his just doing side quests

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    okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay yeah yeah yeah okay okay okay that's it for today folks okay okay ?

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    Imagine Ross on this beat

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    For a sec that low-key looked like Kanye 1:31

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    Now that's a comeback from a knee injury...

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    Thumbnail is TEXT so this song have less views.

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    Another bangerrrrr

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    The song you wake up the day after you drive your first car off the lot I’m young and ambitious “What’s next” 🔥💯💪🏽

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    I think at this point, Drake just writes his thoughts and they become a hit song like yo drake what’s next?

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    @YismynamenotMONEY no

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    It hits✨

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    Drake the type of rapper to be drinking alcohol at the movies

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    Ngl gunna should have a feature on this beat

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    I Went to taco bell at 2AM ok ok ok

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    This song is finna hit the charts ok

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    Who else came from Trav Que?

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    denewss.info/channel/o3aUjpueqKq2qIk/video.html This Guy rap better than Drake . Prove me wrong

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    Just got hip

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    BEBFORE YOU REPLY - READ AND DO THIS I'm the best lyricist you never heard of. On DEnewss search zenkaixsama Omega - listen to it then type zenkaixsama Stupid - listen to it and before you compare me to Eminem type zenkaixsama Farewell - listen to it then respond to this comment on whether or not you agree with me.

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    My 7 Year Olds Son Likes Your Music

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    I can't stop watching this!

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    x is typing...

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    مرحبا اني اسمي علي الزهيري صانع محتوى مبتدأ وطبعا اكثر شغل صعبه تواجه صانع المحتوى الجديد انو ماكو مشتركين يشاهدون المحتوى اتمنى من الي يشوف التعلق يشوف القناه اذا القناه تنال اعجابك ادعم القناه بالاشتراك وشكرا جزيلا

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    That “gett readdy forr workk typpe off muzak!!”

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    Absolute Banger

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    I love this video because I get to see Toronto! I can’t wait to get back to the city. I just want see the fireworks on Victoria day or Canada day. Or just to see the air show at the end of summer again. I miss spending time with my Canadian friends and family members.

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    never misses

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    Drake and nle fire

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    21 savage needs a ft on this song 🔥

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    Drake!!!!!!!!!!! 2021

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    Children who listen to this are on my NO list FYI

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    imagine if covid never existed and this played at a moshpit

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    Was born in ‘85 and I’m a golden era 90’s hip hop dude, but drake is a guilty pleasure of mine. Dude has flow i fuck with it.

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    This man could sing hogwash!!!

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    @Drake thanks for snapping me back into grind mode ! ! What's next?? I'm going to become a millionaire then visit the 6ix

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    Dis shit fiyah tho ( o.o)

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    Verse 1 When it comes to taking my shots...just call me “Jimmy Buckets” ; Through my years of love...I never been good at trustin’ ; Take a fifth 2 the head like I’m Russian ; All I know is “up” so I don’t have time for reductions ; I love it....Yeah man I Love It ; They always tryna lil bro me...man I Love it ; Kinda reminds me of my older cousin ; Got so many hits for ya prolly a couple dozen ; For you baby I make my one and only covenant ; I should learn how to be more comfortable.... With myself...& they way that I Move ; But don’t ask me to spit fire...I’m comustible ; Sweater with some dress pants...they call me Clif Huxtable ; I Really Don’t Have Time 4 The Talkin’ ; When People Actin’ Don’t Really Got An Option ; Keep My Mind On The Hustle & Keep It Movin’ ; Now I don’t Got No Friend Bro I Be Choosy ; I’ve Learned From My Past That Its Just Me Myself & I ; All My Life It Was Me Who Had To Teach Myself To Try ; If I Didn’t Pray To God, Then I’d Probly Lose My Mental ; 11 Years Old Is When I Picked Up A Pencil...... & Started Rewriting History ; Nobody Was Listening ...... When They See Me In The Drop Top ; Chillin’ In the Top Spot ; I Always Tell My Mind To Keep It Going Bro Do Not Stop ; Don’t Let Nobody Else In My Heart.... Its A Lock Box ; And That’s Why I Ain’t Tryna Talk ; I Grind For Babies Till My Time Gone ; I Got The Power Of The Mind Thanos Gave Me The Mind Stone ; So To Defeat Us..U Goin’ Need A Different Time Zone ; ***If you enjoyed this, take a look at my channel! There is studio music! Won’t disappoint! Subscribe to me & make sure to look at all the music! Got a tape on there too!

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    How is he not your Fav rapper? Rumble young man Rumble❤❤

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    That is not a 4 seater car, why does it switch on the interior shots?, I need to know it's important lol

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    Drake does not disappoint

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    I don't know why everyone on TikTok saying Rip Drake so I came here to check out!!!

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    Favorite song 🎶🎶😍

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    That merc tho❤

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    Highkey this song flopped I’m a drake fan but it hasn’t done well after the first week

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