Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars 2019

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These are my top 10 picks for the most amazing cars in the world! In 2019 I spent over half the year living out of a suitcase to hunt down the most unique and incredible cars all over the world! I hope you enjoy this compilation guys! Hit subscribe to see what's coming in 2020! xx Alex
1. - Mercedes Vision GT
2. - Audi AI Trail
3. - Peugeot e-Legend
4. - DS X E-Tense
5. - Lamborghini Terzo Millennio
6. - Bentley EXP100GT
7. - Rolls Royce Vision 103EX
8. - BMW Vision Next 100
9. - Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow
10. - Renault Trezor
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    Hope you enjoyed the vid guys! Which one was your favourite? 😘 Hit subscribe to see what’s coming in 2020 xx

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    RR UGLY but still a typical luxurious car.

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    Bentley is beautiful Just hope it never rain with that slow big door.

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    07:35 This car makes me think of 挎斗摩托 (A motorcycle with a sidecar) KEKW

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    I loved that 2019 AUDI and That DAMN 2017 Lamborghini. what was your Favourite car?

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