Fluffy vs TMZ | Gabriel Iglesias


Happy Tuesday and have a great rest of the week!


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    Machete loves you bro.

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    Flufy flufy

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    Tombutu is best character.... somebody make a movie about tombutu.

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    Meanwhile in some distant land... Tombutu: wtf fluffy!!! You think you funny?!

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    Every good story start with Martin


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    Martin is a true bro

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  • melanie latz
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  • Cindy Gipson
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    Such a good clean comic. A lot of comics can’t do that. It’s a talent and an art❤️

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    I love fluffy and lol 😆

  • Jessamine Benoit
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    I can't wait for October! I get to see his concert! Of course, they pushed it for the past two years because of the dang pandemic. Please don't move it again, I'll probably cry. 😭

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    wish someone would offer to pay for my tuition like that lol

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    Is Gabriel a certified resurrected?

  • Laura Ryan
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    Why do you add subtitles on your videos? I'm a fast reader and it's disconcerting. I have to close my eyes and think I'm listening to an old comedy LP. Keep bringing us joy Fluffy. You rock

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    Thank you Kleineganz. Never thought of that. Funny how sometimes you take things for granted. I lost my sense of smell due to a head injury 30 years ago. My friends that have known me that long always forget asking me to smell things because my nose is on my face

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    Probably because some of his fans are deaf or have auditory processing disorders, and the 'closed captioning' on DEnewss is complete crap.

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    Yes do true

  • Don't Cry
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    Loose sb lose.

  • τhεShiττyShoω
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    3:45 Fluffy might as well get little Juanito from Mexico. I bet you anything, a Mexican kid would really appreciate all that stuff too. Sh*t, most mexican children don't even go to college XD

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    TMZ denewss.info/channel/nZtmlNGWpHuW25E/video.html vs Me!

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    Tombutu part, sad but true

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    3:33 you mean germany?

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    Hey! I can do that! Swap with me Gabe! You get a 50 year old slacker and Frankie gets my brother-in-law! He’ll be: “I’ll take out the trash Dad! Anything you want! Just don’t send me back to that #%^#!”

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    Fluffy, you're spoiling that kid WAY too much! Love ya man, but you're both heading for a world of hurt, lol. Make him get a job or GTFO.

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    💕💕 love from south africa 💕💕

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    Now Frankie is graduated

  • Jessica Colon
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    I turned on I Candor under your name.. I was crying the little b******... I'm really getting tired of fake news.. Fluffy I love you. Fan jessica...

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    Lil tomutu is funny

  • James Duffy
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    Love me some Fluffy!

  • Kopie
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    Imagine after 70 years from now, we are all chilling in heaven searching for fluffy, only to find out that he's still alive, only 60 kg, fit like a horse. Apparently he got a pancreas transplant, went to a keto diet by Dr. Berg, cured his diabetes, got a gene altering program that slows down his aging by CRISPR, does jogging 4 miles a day and has 6 pack abs like anthony varrachea. But seriously, life will be lonely without Fluffy.

  • Joseph Canitano
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    Bro you played out the death 😂😂😂

  • Stephanie Howe
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    I am sorry, I didnt know you died. 💙

  • Giamanta Féderika Elias
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    I was doing that Highschool PennFoster 🇺🇸 USA now detained just for being “a 30 year old virgin”an Christiana or better Amy from Big Bang excuse me in Amsterdam,The prostitution City the real sin City 🌃.

    ELA IS THICCCVor 22 Tage

    I lost it when he said he son was on top of a elephant trying to get WiFi 😂😂😂

  • The Girl 4 Genius
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    Hey, Fluffy, I wish you were my daddy. And, I don't mean "Daddy", I mean the biological kind, and not the wrong biological "daddy".

  • Haydon Wandahsega

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    Vor 22 Tage

    You could of said dad not "daddy uuuuughhhhh"

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    @Gabriel Iglesias Same Show almost 10 Years .. lmfao

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    Fluffy: Hello? Martin: Hey, you dead? Me: Heeeeeere's your sign

  • AL0G
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    I'm dying for u tombutu will follow at trash

  • Nicole Emerson
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    We need a new stand up special. A very long one!!!

  • Palmerboy148
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    Martin is a real one

  • Quetzal the Gamer
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    I love the bit about Martin calling him. Genuinely his best friend.

  • Siah 100k
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    Jesus loves you 🤣

  • Mg Tow
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    3:19 ahhh, an old gabby joke

  • Mg Tow
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    lol oct 31 is my birthday

  • Alan Tebaldi
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    May I ask why there is 1:56 min. of nothing over 6:56 min. video?

  • john McKinney
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    Congratulations on Frankie

  • Poppichu The Thunder Child
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    I’m new to the fan base and I didn’t know when some of his videos were recorded, so for the past minute I thought that there was a possibility he actually died, and then I stumble across this lol. What are the odds.

  • fkujakedmyname
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    that kids daddy can't pay to be an exchange student

  • Larry Kelbaugh Jr.
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    & on my birthday too!!! Just saying, it's not nice to fake that on someone's birthday! LOL!

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  • J K
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    :34 “really good “

  • Aaron Jupiter
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    Mr. Iglesias is just funny

  • Rina Moshtaqi
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    Plz post more often you’re healing my anxiety

  • Someone Random
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    the only new thing from this is the part at the beginning, but it was still so funny

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  • Yvonne McMahan
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    I luv Fluffy. His jokes never gets old.

  • Gee Bee
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    Let me get this straight. TMZ ran with a story that you were dead for 30 minutes before bothering to fact-check it with a simple phone call to your publicist? Also, I wish _I_ had a publicist!

  • yogendrasinghrajput1
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    Fluffy upload new videos

  • Boss Woman TT
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    You honestly don't have to go to a "third world " country. There Are kids right in America who have to share their rooms and space. But eh. Guess that's a joke.

  • 5Jordan 678steed
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    Gravestone says "FLUFFY, worlds greatest comedian.

  • white g
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    His jokes is not even a joke he makes his rl story into a very funny story

  • Teresa Vale
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    I heard at my job that Fluffy went to a hospital in El Paso to visit a Fan who was a relative of theirs!!!They showed Pics to prove it!!!

  • L Ławliet
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    tbh I heard his son Frankie's graduating jokes a lot of time XD

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  • • Galaxy Fox •
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    I'm in fourth grade thinking of colleges

  • Fernando Galindo
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    Never gets old!!!🤣🤣🤣 and get the mental picture of Frankie on top of the 🐘 trying to get signal for his cellphone 📱 😀 😄. Fluffy, hi from 🇵🇷 🇵🇷 WEEPPAAAA!!!

  • jackZime or Zime
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    This is on Netflix its called Sorry for what I said I was hungry

  • Mr Oblige
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    Wow I cant imagine having a parent who cares

  • Jahid Hossain
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    4:42 i felt racist but still laughed.

  • Gerardo Ruiz
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    We should all buy tickets to his July 4th weekend shows!

  • MIguel Najera
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    He is voicing the rat from loney tunes in space jam

  • AbdulAzeem Omotosho
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    Pay attention people. He his telling us something.

  • Tresa 06
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    You just made my morning ! 😆😆😆😆

  • TristenNator
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    Is it the same martin from Fluffys netflix show?

  • senor beardo
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    it was very funny intil i lost 116sec of my life.

  • Plague Doctor
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    If fluffy died on October 31st we all know his last words would be "ooh candy!!"

  • Riku Keyblade Master
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    Okay I'm not going to lie to you guys if he participates in a foreign exchange program I understand why but at the same time I've seen those programs go wrong very badly like they did an episode of The Simpsons and the foreign kid literally took pictures of the nuclear plant and or tried to steal a lot of information involving that plant. Now in the case of Gabriel they honestly could get a look-alike of him when that kid goes back to his country and basically still his identity using the information that the kid had gained through many types of interaction. Again if he wants to go through that more power to him but at the same time it could also ruin his career and a lot of people should be really worried about that especially those with high prominent careers for goodness sake I mean come on I've seen many things go wrong with many other foreign exchange programs I'm not saying they're all bad but I'm just saying that you better watch your back and watch what you do fair warning!

  • Kyle Burger
    Kyle BurgerVor 27 Tage

    It’s humorous that Amy Schumer has gone from comedian who steals jokes to tampon commercials hmmm seems like she’s living her best life

  • ragtop63
    ragtop63Vor 27 Tage

    Never saw or heard of said death hoax.

  • Kerryman
    KerrymanVor 27 Tage

    This guy is not funny.

  • Gerry Maloney
    Gerry MaloneyVor 27 Tage

    Why is this damn video 7 minutes long but it's only 5 minutes of video don't you know how to do a edit

  • Gerry Maloney
    Gerry MaloneyVor 27 Tage

    I heard the same thing I'm glad you're not dead

  • Mr Nabby
    Mr NabbyVor 27 Tage

    3:30 you are best bro..proud to be your fan.when I see you I can realise that humanity is still alive...Love you man.

  • little mouse
    little mouseVor 27 Tage

    This never gets boring,i love him XD

  • 嵐ミシェルAnimation
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    I watch this guy when I feel down every time and he hasn’t let me down

  • sunny pandey
    sunny pandeyVor 27 Tage

    What the f*** is funny about this

  • Sandy
    SandyVor 27 Tage

    Thanks Fluffy, that made my day lol.....When the day comes that you can hit the road again....Please come to Canada Man. We need us some Fluffy after all this.

  • tyler madril
    tyler madrilVor 27 Tage

    It would've been funnier if when Martin asked "you dead?" Fluffy should've just said "ya man!" (From Cool Runnings)

  • Syed Shafiqul Islam
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    Tombutu wants to know your location Fluffy!

  • Gaoh Ryuki
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    4:08 pog

  • Nawaf Alameer
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    This guy is my life

  • Enrique Palomo
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    Qué es eso de tombutu??? 🤔

  • Jorge andres Rueda molina

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    Vor 27 Tage

    El nombre de el niño de intercambio

  • brennjohn mangadlao
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    can you cut your beard if you cut thats your so handsome


    i saw this yesterday on netflix lol haha

  • 180_Z
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    shit October 31st is my bday