BIG30 - Perc Talk (Official Music Video)


Official music video for "Perc Talk" by BIG30


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    0:49 lil tim sneak diss?

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    Shyt krazy we knt even pull up 5.7 nomo🤣🤣🤦

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    Pick her up like kurt angle 🔥🔥🔥

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    damn we watching this in school

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    Last bar was realest shit !

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    we don’t do attempt we catching body’s cus we really aiming🎯

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    He fye on crip

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    Why 30 love the cat but whip the vette 🏁

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    Full of these yerks lmao


    Big 38 gone hawk em

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    I blast this at least 3 times a day no 🧢

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    Rookie of the year🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    30 God

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    nigga really better then pooh shiesty he jus take to long to drop and yall know this😂💯

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    Once wii locked wii teppeee we finna make a hit again

  • Symon Gatuma
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    "once again we locked wii TP finna make a hit again"

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    All this perc talk fucked it up for the rest of us

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    @John Mccarver future fucked that up years ago that’s y everyone had switched to heroin. If u watched some old documentaries u wood know that it was pills similar to Oxys back in the 1900s and they stopped giving them out freely den people go on heroin. History is repeating itself literally

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    @Justo Man straight up

  • Justo Man

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    It’s been hard to get percs

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    we don’t do attempts we catching bodies cuz we really aimin

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    Big30 ? 💯💯💯💯💯💯

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    Big BLRRRRD 💪🏼🇫🇷🇭🇹😈👽🥶🥶🥶🥶

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    Dis Nigha 30 don’t talk percs nomo how much I played dis shit on folk 🤣🤣 🔥

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    U Gave It Bra

  • Anquan Cross
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    “Throw the car in second ger kiss da curb and get outta der, I bet not wreck my shit I paid cash bitch ik how to steer”🔥🤟🏿

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    “Big 30 30thousand all blues call me dirt ball”😂🗣

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    50k likes 6 mil ????

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    He killed this beat ong

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    Yo big30 lose some weight your hit box is big bro

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    Yo showing ps w tylenol lmao

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    Why people bird talking off that old baby bird man vid the Clips talking bout What Happen to that Boy? Clap? Clap?

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    Throw the cat in second gear kiss da curve and get outta hear

  • Iceberg Shortyy
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    Throw da cat in second gear kiss da curb & get outta der ✌🏾🏎💨🔥🔥

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    Perk talk

  • Cj to Fresh
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    🗑 or🔥

  • Chester lynch
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    Get all these nikes free but Jordan's on his feet dawg😭

  • omg trez
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    he is very much sweating very profusely with his fruit of the looms shirt removed from his torso

  • Chasing Dead Faces -Topic
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    How tf u not like this 💯

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    Police tried to pull me over

  • aron faustinos
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    Big BLRRRD

  • Janky Crudd
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    Gang gang aint no Envy in me Hope them members go get them some money or get Richer then me💯🤦🏾💯

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    Vor 18 Tage



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    Bro put your headphones on and appreciate this 🔥

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    Throw tha cat in second gear , kiss da curve & get outta deree 🔥❗️

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    What’s on his face at 44 seconds

  • 2k- Jay

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    Aww his hat lol

  • izzothaking
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    Sounds like Gucci mane and sum one else mixed into one.

  • let's talk everything
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    Big 30 the new young biggie smalls that hard core shit 1yr ago i sed they was next

  • Mani Hendrix
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  • Li MoE
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    I made it hit 6M 💯

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    Man I need that north face jacket ASAP 😳🔥

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    the goat

  • 205joc313
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    30 going crazy

  • Tony Dileo
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    I’m off thes percs I’m full of drank I can’t stay out thes murrers. Is the realest line you eva spoke . I see you big 30 .. this shit fiya big brudda.. no cap.. Fox 13 is sooo mF harrd bro bro #KTP

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    Sit back in my cell, smokin scriptures and bumpin church songs 💨

  • Nk Beatz
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  • Big MFG
    Big MFGVor Monat next up 🔝

  • Cinemastic
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    met big30 at a gas station night b4 last, my life made now i jus gotta make it i ain’t got no option

  • Tashawn Dawson

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    @Cinemastic that’s actually cool asf just keep doing watever you doing dude don’t stop

  • Cinemastic


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    @Tashawn Dawson nah been there a few times i met him cause he was on his way to atlanta to preform w pooh n moneybagg

  • Tashawn Dawson

    Tashawn Dawson

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    U live down here in Memphis big bruh? I’m doing a ft with em soon . Saving up for it

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  • AP
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    i gotta find the nike pluggg she given out free sht

  • Dunwell Dube
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    30 harder

  • Dunwell Dube
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    Big blrrrd all day erryday #CGE SPLATT

  • Nate Doggy
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    On me him and pooh sound alike

  • Braxton Teal
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    There’s no reason for anyone else to try rapping anymore. Pooh n dude got it locked up

  • Braxton Teal

    Braxton Teal

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    I’ll repeat no one touching this

  • Tashawn Dawson

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    Wrong they hard ash but Memphis always got room for rappers just like Atlanta bro shits unpredictable like I woulda never thought of these dudes flow but it’s unpredictable they came in a new style

  • EAV 614
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    2021 yesuh

  • J Money
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    Big 30 got me bumpn dis shit on repeat shitt slappppn.....

  • Ray
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    realllll percs in hml 👿👿😈😈😈😈

  • Dirk Diggler
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    Dude sucks, but at least it ain't mumble rap. Almost as bad. And what the fuck is all that skrrrt shit. It's old.

  • Tashawn Dawson

    Tashawn Dawson

    Vor Monat

    U lame asf

  • Destra Benoit
    Destra BenoitVor Monat

    The aboriginal children peripherally approve because clutch precisely saw above a robust epoch. aback, detailed bangle

  • Cooley Montana
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    I get all these nikes free cause im knockin the clerk off🤧

  • slim Collins
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    I can't deny it big 30 n poo got the recipe...

  • two tone
    two toneVor Monat

    Police try to pull me over , mama said don't talk to strangers

  • Aamir Glenn

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    Vor Monat


  • Yea Its Laay
    Yea Its LaayVor Monat

    I love you 30 🥺

  • ty_2_fye
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    Ong this song make me do 90 in a 30 🏎

  • Rizzy
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    police tried to pull me ova my moma said dont talk to strangers 💯💯💯💯💯

  • Queanna howell
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    Them boys love Hellcats and SRT8s 😂😂



    Vor 11 Tage

    @Oreo Cookie how he hating because he said what they like? Yo ass a goofy

  • Dunwell Dube
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    Dont just view , like and subscribe , ceobig30

  • Dunwell Dube
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  • Ashton 101_13
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    Big30 looks like mo3 and rod wave had a baby

  • Ab Gr
    Ab GrVor Monat

    He look like pee wee longway

  • Braxton Teal
    Braxton TealVor Monat

    Might cop a couple testers n look out the peep hole off this

  • marquise wright
    marquise wrightVor Monat

    Call me Thir ball 🏀

  • Nichole Wilson
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    My nigga be pointing choppas yo nigga be pointing fingers

  • Nichole Wilson

    Nichole Wilson

    Vor Monat

    @Tashawn Dawson mind the business that pays you.

  • Tashawn Dawson

    Tashawn Dawson

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    😂 I know damn well yo old ass ain’t rapping

  • Gamer Hammer
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    Rip big ceo

  • Uno 281
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    My phone battery:1% Start this Song My phone: i'll wait

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  • Adriana Bagley
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    Big 30 coming to winter haven

  • quintoncrainsr
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    Big 30 and Pooh fucking the same Clerk 🥴🥴🤣💪🏿

  • Dee black
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    he better than pooh in my opinion

  • T'lik Gillespie

    T'lik Gillespie

    Vor Monat

    Straight facts / police tryed to pull me over my momma say don't talk to strangers. that's my favorite bar

  • Zilla Zilla

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  • Brad Ary
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    Rick ross did it first bro lol