THE NEW ECHO - Rainbow Six Siege


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In the new Operation Para Bellum, he got an OP buff and now has double the Yokais to ascend his gameplay to montage-worthy.
The amount of new STRATEGY that you can use now is just disgusting, and using him instantly turns you into a pro player.
NERF ECHO?! nah plz no
Friend in the video:
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    My we

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    5:26 y'roue

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    This was really two years ago 😭😭

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    The onLy video where TuxBird gets kills

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    d d d d d d d d d d d d d .d d d d d

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    says mnmnmnmnmnmnmnmn

  • What Is My Name
    What Is My NameVor 3 Monate

    I was waiting for him to say the clock was ticking him off. 1:50

  • Pdawg
    PdawgVor 4 Monate

    *I’m so hungry right now.*

  • Someone Stupid
    Someone StupidVor 4 Monate

    He should’ve said the clock is ticking him off

  • Kevin Pacheco
    Kevin PachecoVor 4 Monate

    The thumbnail predicted echo elite

  • VL TheZ
    VL TheZVor 6 Monate

    Try DropShot using Echo its very easy

  • Mac Busby
    Mac BusbyVor 7 Monate

    0:54 don't you mean _Ticking you off_ *dies*

  • turd nugget46
    turd nugget46Vor 8 Monate

    Watching in 144p cause that's what tuxbirds skills are

  • Big Boy Tescos
    Big Boy TescosVor 9 Monate

    3:40 tux got killed by a guy called slowpoke and there gonna release an op called that now

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    Remember.... no duck.

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    Tuxbird if u real penguin u will like this comment

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    Don’t change the logo anymore 😄 It’s perfect rn

  • RabanoStriker
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    7:34 2018: He is enjoying 2020: He is VIBING

  • ieat cigarettes
    ieat cigarettesVor 10 Monate

    Echo became trash tho ngl

  • XcanofbeansX
    XcanofbeansXVor 11 Monate

    Tux is just the most unfunny person I’ve ever met in my life

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    Vor 7 Monate

    Antwan James he tries so hard if you watch any videos with yummy or Evan with him they’re funny then as soon as tux starts talking it’s not funny anymore

  • Antwan James

    Antwan James

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    I know u C A P P I N

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    Vor 11 Monate

    appreciate the kind words man, supporters like you make this all worth doing

  • Kyle Mania
    Kyle ManiaVor year

    I know its been a year but did anyone els silently orgasm at 5:53

  • Itchy Anuerism
    Itchy AnuerismVor year

    I love that anytime someone enters through a window it’s just *Running in the 90’s intensifies

  • EwASloth
    EwASlothVor year

    “Only tactical callout he’s ever done” still doesn’t help him cause there is 3 cop cars 😂😂

  • Crowley
    CrowleyVor year

    Nice Battlefield music dood 1:34

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    Tux bird more like THX bird

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    2:15 me sad

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    2:14 aswell

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    4:04 anyone know what this effect is called I need it

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    PrivareyツVor year

    0:52 Swa99er: the clock was... Me: ticking me off Swa99er: looking at me fumny Me:

  • Cole Cyber
    Cole CyberVor year

    Watching this vid makes me wanna buy echo

  • Dewadatta Avasare

    Dewadatta Avasare

    Vor year

    Well he gets banned in almost every ranked game so he is useless if you are playing ranked, other than that he is really good, good gun acog, great secondary and trolling gadget

  • Shiitake Mushroom Salt
    Shiitake Mushroom SaltVor year

    3:30 He dies and kisses the human prop

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    Omfg 1:30 the heart attack

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    No rrcruit is op

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  • Konniptionz
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    That Halo 2 music immediately gave me flashbacks of Legendary brutes and jackal snipers, dammit.

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    ????????Vor year

    Tactical rumba

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  • Galaxy
    GalaxyVor year

    The filter that you put over the video when your about to become focused makes the game look so good. And then when you remove the filter it looks normal and I don't like looking at the screen anymore

  • Samsqwamched
    SamsqwamchedVor year

    7:53 OMFG IM DEAD

  • Retr020 something
    Retr020 somethingVor year

    2:56 made me lose it😂😂😂 Definition of a perfectly cut scream

  • Recruit
    RecruitVor year

    Tomorrow this video will be an year old. :(

  • Nato 2
    Nato 2Vor year

    This vid came out on my birthday. Love you Tux.

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    Isaac BinderVor year

    0:54 the clock was ticking him off

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    Come to papa

  • Joshua Michelson
    Joshua MichelsonVor year

    At 0:55 swagger could have said “I was trying to kill time”

  • Tiny Oats
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    G O O D C O N T E N T

  • wreckster 3000
    wreckster 3000Vor year

    1:19 once you said goodbye my video buffered

  • wreckster 3000
    wreckster 3000Vor year

    1:19 once you said goodbye my video buffered

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    Luck x SoraVor year

    This is legit on my bday im not lying

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    That Fox sound effect at 7:08.

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    Your mome

  • hayden martin
    hayden martinVor year

    2:27 what is that on the top of the screen? im still new to the game lol

  • Raine Vifquain

    Raine Vifquain

    Vor year

    Or its the lion drone that shows your location if you move when its on

  • Deven VanLingen

    Deven VanLingen

    Vor year

    If your referencing the circle between the attack and defence symbols, it's the timer for the defuser

  • WhySoSeriousGM
    WhySoSeriousGMVor year

    Why when I play and use acog my whole screen moves so the arrow is in the middle when the gun recoils but tuxes recoil bounces around making his screen still

  • Gavin Brush
    Gavin BrushVor year

    Tux you gotta post more so I don’t have to watch all your videos over and over I think I’ve seen them all at least like 20 times

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    Not to be a mama mia boi but you inspire me

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    When You got into that melee fight and I heard fox say come on I knew this channel meant buisness

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    Dude wtf you didn’t tell me that my arm will set on fire if I put a match on it

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    7:07 *C O M E* *O U N*

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    What is the song at 6:36

  • Sebastian Guirao
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    Now I’m going to main echo

  • Gaban C
    Gaban CVor year

    My friends say I look like echo as a joke.

  • Stongray
    StongrayVor year

    Ok echo is the best operator 1 he has some good guns 2 he has a drone named yokai 3 he is a thicc boi

  • davy keizer
    davy keizerVor year

    Every time I watch the out of context clips I wonder what kind of context would make it normal

  • Abdullah Sandhu
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    *y my pp hard*

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    You should make some merch my dude.

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    Your welcome for the intro

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    i just found out that his intro says tux bird smh

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    0:58 the clock was ticking me off

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    ,,The IQ is insane,, im very sure IQ lost meaning...

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    GANZUHOVor year

    What's the music at 2:14

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    Echo throws his drone like a pancake

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    Comment ur mains mine are Twitch and Echo

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    6:34 two words: Rook Armor

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    0:13 Literally the one sound every defender hates to hear.

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    5:26 I thought I had a stroke

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    Karma 212thVor year

    Acog is way to good on echo

  • Aaron Wells
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    No no no tux step four is try again and get headshot by ash

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    May the bearing 9 Rest In Peace

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    Sasuke v Yokai

  • Joshua
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    6:29 Just to ruin your fun, anybody that has rook armor equipped will always go down from lethal damage, except if it's a headshot

  • Bread stun

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    you just ruined the video >:(

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    S.A.T = sit down and tux

  • Esaligumba
    EsaligumbaVor year

    Dude I like how he sees them but never uses the supersonic blasts that makes echo ECHO

  • Franklin Joseph The
    Franklin Joseph TheVor year

    Okay, so let me clarify 1. Lay down 2. Get on drone 3. Get the intel 4. Shoot them enemies 5. Repeat Edit: Version made by Sir Swag 1. Lay down 2. Drone out 3. Search for intel/bait and stun/just stun em 4. Kill the disabled person 5. Go back

  • Replay
    ReplayVor year

    Tux that thing 2v1 and defuse thing i had that yesterday too ik its really sevage

  • SlightlyCorrupt Wolf
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    New echo-old hereford

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    the firework drone got me dead

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    Legit 1v5 with 18 hp and clutched

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