21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin - Without Warning (Full Album)


Artists: 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin
Album Name: Without Warning

♫ Times/ Tracks ♫
1. Ghostface Killers (ft. Travis Scott) 0:00
2. Rap Saved Me (ft. Quavo) 4:28
3. Ric Flair Drip (8:46)
4. My Choppa Hate Niggas (11:39)
5. Nightmare (14:08)
6. Mad Stalkers (16:36)
7. Disrespectful (19:58)
8. Run Up The Racks (22:39)
9. Still Serving (25:49)
10. Darth Vader (29:41)
♫ 21 Savage ♫


Metro Boomin

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