St. Patrick's Day Mishap | Gabriel Iglesias


Happy #StPatricksDay 2021!


  • Uncharted
    UnchartedVor 7 Tage

    The sound effect just do me in

  • Henry Rivers
    Henry RiversVor 21 Tag

    It is would be the greatest to meet him in person shake his hand and buy him a drink maby lunch

  • Conley Greer
    Conley GreerVor 21 Tag

    At 0:52 yea that is funny and I am ten

  • Anonymous because I feel like it.
    Anonymous because I feel like it.Vor 24 Tage

    His scottish accent is the Scot from the simpsons... and his country accent is Larry the cable guy.

  • Celtic sniper
    Celtic sniperVor 27 Tage

    💚🤣🤣🤣 wish more people would learn to laugh instead of getting offended

  • crash-test dummy
    crash-test dummyVor Monat

    That's why he got kiked out he was doing a Scottish accent

  • Neil Dixon
    Neil DixonVor Monat

    Apart from being a Scottish accent

  • Eclipsed Rain
    Eclipsed RainVor Monat

    3:10 Who else replayed his bass-boosted beats several times? **snickers**

  • rtyuik7
    rtyuik7Vor Monat

    Fluffy and his Sound Effects always get, the "Irish" (thats really Scottish) accent, funny...but 'oh no, my purse!' was Hilarious...i can see the Animated version now xD

  • David Ching
    David ChingVor Monat


  • Music MADNEZZ
    Music MADNEZZVor Monat

    That's more of a Scottish Accent but still I died when you said 'Donkey!!'

  • Simon Bohan
    Simon BohanVor Monat

    That's a Scottish accent. Not an Irish accent. Not even on the same island, nevermind the same country. American ignorance...

  • Edward J Esquilin
    Edward J EsquilinVor Monat


  • Super Brain
    Super BrainVor Monat

    Don't mind me, just self promoting.

  • Irish Buttonman NYC
    Irish Buttonman NYCVor Monat

    A Mexican that doesn't know a Scottish Accent if he heard one.....Guess Fluffy has no Irish Friends!

  • Quip
    QuipVor Monat

    Some guy: Where are you from?" fluffy:"uhhhh downtown (forgot the other words) DONKEY"

  • Quip
    QuipVor Monat

    being irish myself this is pure comedy gold

  • Tim McGaughy
    Tim McGaughyVor Monat

    People around him were so drunk they asked if he was irish after he busted out a scottish accent.

  • junior flesher
    junior flesherVor Monat

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  • bigjoe
    bigjoeVor Monat

    fluffy must've pissed off the entire IRA when he called his Scottish accent irish

  • the super family ost

    the super family ost

    Vor Monat

    I just saw an Irish person's post saying it cracked them up. The Scottish probably laughed at it too.

  • the super family ost
    the super family ostVor Monat

    Not the 'mere! That's D.R.U.N.K. Usually it's Fluffy doing the 'mere. 😂

  • FroggyGirl
    FroggyGirlVor Monat

    I'm so confused on why fluffy didn't audition for how to train your dragon XD

  • D Bo
    D BoVor Monat

    I don't even like going out when I have a big pimple on my face. This dudes confidence level is amazing

  • Master chief
    Master chiefVor Monat


  • Dallen9
    Dallen9Vor Monat

    go to an Irish pub talking in a scottish accent.... no wonder he was thrown out.

  • Da Boonies
    Da BooniesVor Monat

    funny when i was younger id go out for st.patty's day, but now just another day lol. i guess that's what happens when you get older

  • Jenny Brakes
    Jenny BrakesVor Monat

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  • josephsongohan79
    josephsongohan79Vor Monat

    It's a Shrek reference for donkey

  • Angela K
    Angela KVor Monat

    This makes me laugh even I'm have very very bad day😂😂😂 love when he makes the jamming noises(bass) even more the accents🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam Temple
    Adam TempleVor Monat

    Super cool great jbb

  • X wisdom
    X wisdomVor Monat

    I wouldn't say that was an irish accent. My mum's northern irish. I know. She's British but she still has an accent though. I different one from any other accent I've ever heard apart from maybe my uncle. I'd say a good Scottish accent which was the point of the joke right? Because he was saying he was from ireleand and doing a scottish and saying donkey because shrek is scottish. He's in an irish pub.

  • Chetan Parmar
    Chetan ParmarVor Monat

    3:09 here's the replay button

  • Marek Poláček
    Marek PoláčekVor Monat

    I don't quite get the "donkey" reference, can somebody enlighten me please? No Memphiss Tennesse answers please :D :D

  • Emily Villagomez

    Emily Villagomez

    Vor Monat

    Donkey is a reference to the movie Shrek.

  • Gennifer Kelly
    Gennifer KellyVor Monat

    RIGHT HERE... This man is one of best and greatest comedians of our time 💕💕 FLUFFY 🥰🥰 😂😂 My Favorite Part Is His Irish Accent Couldn't Be Stereotypical With A Scottish Accent if he tried.😂😂 Show this episode to my dad in ireland, on snapchat, I thought my dad was going to fall off the couch 🛋️ 😂😂

  • Julia Blue
    Julia BlueVor Monat

    FLUFFY! Love ya man. You can always brighten my day and dry my tears. FLUFFY.. I love you!

  • M4R!0 SV
    M4R!0 SVVor Monat

    I wanna see Drunk Fluffy irl lmao

  • Alek Althouse
    Alek AlthouseVor Monat

    The “no you mere” was absolutely hilarious

  • the super family ost

    the super family ost

    Vor Monat

    I agree. Anytime Fluffy goes down " 'mere" lane, I know it's going to make me laugh so hard I choke if I'm eating or drinking and put my things down. 😂💖

  • Eoghan
    EoghanVor Monat

    What part of Ireland is that accent from? Glasgow?

  • the super family ost

    the super family ost

    Vor Monat


  • Cara Austin
    Cara AustinVor Monat

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  • Kathleen Gonzales
    Kathleen GonzalesVor Monat

    I am commenting just for people to get confused by name. 😁

  • Michael O'Sullivan
    Michael O'SullivanVor Monat

    I'm in stitches laughing at this, and I'm Irish, ah I'm weak I'm laughing so much. 🤣😭😂👋👋

  • Krishang gupta
    Krishang guptaVor Monat

    His voice modulation is brilliant

  • Dragon k
    Dragon kVor Monat

    Man fluffy is the best

  • B1G_BAZ
    B1G_BAZVor Monat

    Err that’s a Scottish not Irish accent

  • Kushagra Sarswat
    Kushagra SarswatVor Monat


  • Central Oklahoma Trucking LLC
    Central Oklahoma Trucking LLCVor Monat

    To the 98 people who don’t like fluffy. You straight up suck

  • daniel brant
    daniel brantVor Monat

    Your Irish joke would be funnier if it were Scottish but still funny

  • Phil Atkinson
    Phil AtkinsonVor Monat

    Who cares about accents!? This is the funniest comedian on the planet. Damn the Scottish, damn the Irish, ora lee!! Lol

  • Sharon Taylor
    Sharon TaylorVor Monat

    Ooohh a Mexican minute!

  • Trident Gameing
    Trident GameingVor Monat

    Really your comedy it's awesome but really i hate drinks and shit place like club pub because they really shit that's not real enjoyment

  • Rebaone Botoko
    Rebaone BotokoVor Monat

    But then the "downtown" part sounds a little but like the Chinese accent.

  • Caleb Pepper
    Caleb PepperVor Monat

    Some of the dislikers must be related to Charles M Blow or the owner of Warner Brothers cause it’s clear they don’t know comedy. Lol 😂

  • Kar C
    Kar CVor Monat

    FLUFFYYYY you're my favorite human !!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • JayBee Crownshot
    JayBee CrownshotVor Monat


  • Mithul N
    Mithul NVor Monat

    My bday is on st Patrick’s day And my fav coulour is green... sooooo IM HAVIN A GREAT TYME

  • Dave Cle
    Dave CleVor Monat

    Terrible comidian this is the trouble with some Americans they think there actually funny sweet Jesus 🙈🙈🙈

  • Lemon Lover
    Lemon LoverVor Monat

    That's a Scottish accent, Bro !

  • EliteBlade
    EliteBladeVor Monat

    I swear fluffy is the tip top of the wall! (And we payed for it!)

  • 1234 Abcd
    1234 AbcdVor Monat

    Scottish accent

  • Michael Bright
    Michael BrightVor Monat

    DONKEY 😂😂😂😂

  • Blackjack14C
    Blackjack14CVor Monat


  • Ericka Holland
    Ericka HollandVor Monat

    Fluffy, I know you’re married and everything but I love you Fluffy. You help make some of my bad days are better just by watching your comedy. Thanks Fluffy!!

  • New Guy
    New GuyVor Monat

    The best sound effects

  • Jo Ann Cleroux
    Jo Ann ClerouxVor Monat

    That’s a Scottish accent not Irish

  • shivani jaggernath
    shivani jaggernathVor Monat

    It's the walking sounds 😂😂😂😂

  • Nodak Negan
    Nodak NeganVor Monat

    Jesus Christ on a sandwich! That bleep tone almost killed me!

  • Genley Anderson
    Genley AndersonVor Monat


  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
    Zenitsu AgatsumaVor Monat

    “Mere” “No you mere”

  • Jarrett Owens
    Jarrett OwensVor Monat

    I’m a quarter Irish and when he did that Irish accent, I burst out laughing. Who knew when he’s drunk he can sound Irish?

  • Jarrett Owens

    Jarrett Owens

    Vor Monat

    @Connor Doyle Actually, yes I have. To me, Irish and Scottish accents sound the same.

  • Connor Doyle

    Connor Doyle

    Vor Monat

    That's a Scottish accent, you clearly have never heard an Irish person speak.

  • Claudio Rodriguez
    Claudio RodriguezVor Monat

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  • Stormwatcher
    StormwatcherVor Monat

    64 people are donkeys

  • Patrice Marie
    Patrice MarieVor Monat

    Wassup??? Old salami? ... on a donkey?

  • Yvonne Hickey
    Yvonne HickeyVor Monat


  • Randal Brown
    Randal BrownVor Monat

    I guess the 63 people that disliked this, as of this writing, didn't laugh at "Donkey!".

  • #semmal


    Vor Monat

    99 people

  • Shelley Meyers
    Shelley MeyersVor Monat


  • Wilson
    WilsonVor Monat

    Take care of yourself Gabriel, we need you bro!

  • Glenn B
    Glenn BVor Monat

    Fluffy should dress up like a little green leprechaun he has the sounds

  • The Thin Line
    The Thin LineVor Monat

    Scottish accent but ok

  • Oreo The Bulldog
    Oreo The BulldogVor Monat

    How does he makes these sounds

  • Kathryn Lucas
    Kathryn LucasVor Monat

    Unfortunately, your Irish accent was actually a very good Scottish accent.

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy WonkaVor Monat

    That's a Scottish accent although the Coleraine accent sounds a bit like it.

  • Comedy Zone
    Comedy ZoneVor Monat

    He's doin more Scottish than Irish I know because I am Irish but hey I don't care

  • lil Percocet aka fear god aka Mr manhattan
    lil Percocet aka fear god aka Mr manhattanVor Monat

    His Irish sounds like Scottish

  • Helping Hands
    Helping HandsVor Monat

    That's not Irish at all, not even remotely. Since you're stereotyping, go eat some guac and shut up, you look like you need some veges in your life.

  • Cal Ripplebear
    Cal RipplebearVor Monat

    Iglesias pulls a Bill Cosby at the end XD

  • Joven Tapiador
    Joven TapiadorVor Monat

    His beatboxing skills are low-key fire tho

  • FG Ó Conghaile
    FG Ó ConghaileVor Monat

    that's a Scottish accent not an Irish accent

  • Kamal Anthony Justine
    Kamal Anthony JustineVor Monat


  • Alex Meza
    Alex MezaVor Monat


  • Joseph Short
    Joseph ShortVor Monat

    That's a Scottish accent😆

  • Nirnay Korde
    Nirnay KordeVor Monat

    Someone explain me this joke . I am an asian.

  • Kamome
    KamomeVor Monat

    Shrek is scottish tho

  • LeSnakDiggs
    LeSnakDiggsVor Monat

    Thats Scottish not Irish 😭

  • samuel bailey
    samuel baileyVor Monat


  • S B
    S BVor Monat

    I used to watch this 10 years ago approximately. I am 31 now and have a 2 year old son. He loved this clip

  • Manish Pandey
    Manish PandeyVor Monat


  • Duane Mumford
    Duane MumfordVor Monat

    Fluffy and Jeff Dunham are the top two comics of this time in the world and the one thing that the world needs to be doing is more laughing.

  • mrnern 1907
    mrnern 1907Vor Monat

    Where is mr iglesias’s season 4

  • Bhelliom
    BhelliomVor Monat

    Dont get me wrong, i love fluffy, but that “irish” accent is MUCH closer to the stereotypical scottish accent (lol), being scottish myself, it irks me! Dont confuse us with the irish please... You kiss an irishman, you go home with a scotsman!

  • Bhelliom


    Vor Monat

    @the super family ost dont get me wrong, i wouldnt say im angry, but some people ACTUALLY cant tell, its a little disheartening but some fun can be had, danny bhoy makes a joke about it, you may recognise “didle di di potatos!” I guess we just have a rivalry with the irish about who can do the most drinking, so when people cant tell, it hurts the pride ya know? Or perhaps both nations are such pissheads that its hard to tell us apart with all that slurring and stumbling 😂

  • the super family ost

    the super family ost

    Vor Monat

    Ah, I lost! I speculated that Scottish people would be amused that these guys couldn't hear the difference between an Irish accent and a Scottish accent. I guess the Scottish are more agro than I expected. 😂

  • Siddhanth Kadaba
    Siddhanth KadabaVor Monat