Pat McAfee & AJ Hawk's Picks For The NFL Playoff Divisional Round


Who you got this weekend?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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  • Claire Goes Mgtow !
    Claire Goes Mgtow !Vor Monat

    3-1. Nice job AJ. And KC covers if Patrick Mahomes doesn't get hurt.

  • Euphoric Odyssey
    Euphoric OdysseyVor Monat

    Called every game

  • Skyler Shank
    Skyler ShankVor Monat

    Hawk's Tampa Bay pick was a lock in my opinion. Brees was last this season in yardage per completion. With no arm left Brees final game was a total embarrassment.

  • David Scichilone
    David ScichiloneVor Monat

    He got them all right

  • Fit Tennis 60
    Fit Tennis 60Vor Monat

    Bucs vs Bills 🏈

  • JFairhart
    JFairhartVor Monat

    Nailed it.

  • Jalen Gilbert
    Jalen GilbertVor Monat

    I love how he got all three games right

  • Jamie Craig
    Jamie CraigVor Monat

    AJ Hawk was 100% right I was 75% right lol I should've listened

  • Go Bills
    Go BillsVor Monat

    Nailed it.

  • Kaden Smith
    Kaden SmithVor Monat

    Who’s here after he got all the picks right

  • Ayden Kiser
    Ayden KiserVor Monat

    He nailed it

  • Leon Zhou
    Leon ZhouVor Monat

    Should have listened to AJ and bet all my money on it. Called it to a T

  • Junior Torque
    Junior TorqueVor Monat

    He was right tho

  • Jooshboi
    JooshboiVor Monat

    AJ got every single one right too!

  • Nikita Kucherov
    Nikita KucherovVor Monat

    Damn this dude pretty much has it exactly correct....

  • XFI
    XFIVor Monat

    4 for 4

  • ZJ Charles-Marcel
    ZJ Charles-MarcelVor Monat

    AJ was 100% 🤓

  • Ryne Shamberg
    Ryne ShambergVor Monat

    Aj 4-0 on picks

  • ZerginOut
    ZerginOutVor Monat

    AJ had pretty much perfect predictions. Aside from Chiefs covering but he didn't like the spread and said he'd only take the Chiefs to cover if he needed to make a bet. AJ Hawk! AJ Hawk!

  • KevtheProphet
    KevtheProphetVor Monat

    this aged well

  • Pokeballers Club
    Pokeballers ClubVor Monat

    AJ with the casual 4-0 play

  • Rob
    RobVor Monat

    he legit got every single bet correct, I'm riding Hawk to the end

  • Matt Marvel
    Matt MarvelVor Monat

    Nail on the head hopefully yall made those bets lol

  • TheBarbahaba
    TheBarbahabaVor Monat

    very accurate predictions from AJ impressive !!

  • BombayMartiniSHAKEN
    BombayMartiniSHAKENVor Monat

    AJ nailed it

  • alley cat
    alley catVor Monat

    Wish I had bet A to the J's picks.

  • Jay Asavunat
    Jay AsavunatVor Monat

    Aj came thru. 4/4

  • Kyle Hern
    Kyle HernVor Monat

    Congratulations AJ!

  • Benjamin Deviney
    Benjamin DevineyVor Monat

    And he was 100% right on the wins , the chiefs just didn’t cover. He’s good

  • Vertical Yetti

    Vertical Yetti

    Vor Monat

    @Matt Marvel true

  • Matt Marvel

    Matt Marvel

    Vor Monat

    Only because Mahomes got hurt if it wasnt for that probably would have gotten it

  • Z356
    Z356Vor Monat

    Shoulda bet it all 😂

  • Simshine95
    Simshine95Vor Monat

    AJ 4/4, that's impressive

  • Nickarus
    NickarusVor Monat

    Big 4-0 weekend from AJ

  • David Strawberry
    David StrawberryVor Monat

    Just tell me you parlayed those bets

  • I Z
    I ZVor Monat

    Should’ve put all your Bitcoin on it

  • Necron023
    Necron023Vor Monat

    AJ 4/4! Gj!

  • lookabigrock
    lookabigrockVor Monat

    Wow.. called it. On the money

  • The Guardian
    The GuardianVor Monat

    With the benefit of hindsight, man AJ made great calls. He was perfect. What a dude

  • Mr. Magicstick
    Mr. MagicstickVor Monat

    Packers, bills, bucs, chiefs all won Aj was right!

  • Modern Shaman
    Modern ShamanVor Monat

    AJ 4/4 my guy!!

  • Steven Pizarro Jr.
    Steven Pizarro Jr.Vor Monat

    AJ Spot on

  • Thomas Hutchinson
    Thomas HutchinsonVor Monat

    Hope you bet all your bitcoin on it

  • Lito basihan
    Lito basihanVor Monat

    F#%king 4 for 4 hope he put money on this picks . Just missed on the ten point spread. 💯💯💯

  • jashai roots-cromartie
    jashai roots-cromartieVor Monat

    AJ sniped all the wins and most of the spreads 😯

  • Derek Stark
    Derek StarkVor Monat

    Hope you bet the Bitcoin on it, Pat!!

  • Bradley Walker
    Bradley WalkerVor Monat

    AJ 4 for 4.

  • Tim Naumets
    Tim NaumetsVor Monat

    Picks were right on

  • MyChava69
    MyChava69Vor Monat

    AJ nailed it !!

  • John Smith
    John SmithVor Monat

    Aj hawk the goat

  • RingEmUp
    RingEmUpVor Monat

    and AJ goes 4-0

  • Tony Green
    Tony GreenVor Monat

    Hawk went 4-0

  • Alexander Paul
    Alexander PaulVor Monat

    4 correct picks wearing an epic t-shirt

  • Mitchel Karg
    Mitchel KargVor Monat

    They should have put all their Bitcoin on it

  • Zachery Graves
    Zachery GravesVor Monat

    4-0 you definitely should have bet all your Bitcoin on that boys

  • Munz 47
    Munz 47Vor Monat

    Got them all correct.

  • Karston Farragut
    Karston FarragutVor Monat

    AJ was correct on every game besides the chiefs covering

  • Karston Farragut

    Karston Farragut

    Vor Monat

    But if mahomes stays in, they cover the 10

  • Gman76
    Gman76Vor Monat

    Flawless predictions so far! AJ the “Simpsons” of football?

  • Bobby Million
    Bobby MillionVor Monat

    If u bet all of pats openings season over under win totals u would be a rich man!!!!!!

  • Avi Sarma
    Avi SarmaVor Monat

    Wow AJ went 4/4 nice

  • michaeloptv
    michaeloptvVor Monat

    AJ is smart. 4 for 4 on wins. 3 for 4 on covers.

  • Uwish
    UwishVor Monat

    Who came back to the comments after realizing hawk was right with all 4 picks!!!

  • Tim Olson

    Tim Olson

    Vor Monat

    @Uwish I'm definitely going to try to get in touch with AJ before I make bets on the championship games 🤣🤣

  • Uwish


    Vor Monat

    @bobthydead true

  • bobthydead


    Vor Monat

    Only thing he got wrong was that the Chiefs didn't cover the spread. They were right to question the 10, although its interesting to think if Mahomes didn't get hurt if they would have done it...

  • Andrew Cobb
    Andrew CobbVor Monat

    Aj was right

  • Joel Herbert
    Joel HerbertVor Monat

    A.j...nailed it

  • HappyChappie
    HappyChappieVor Monat

    Damn...aj was right about EVERYTHING

  • HappyChappie


    Vor Monat

    @Antoni Zaliwski true, the over under I guess I meant straight up

  • Antoni Zaliwski

    Antoni Zaliwski

    Vor Monat

    Nope, got the Chiefs game wrong

  • Justin Connerty
    Justin ConnertyVor Monat

    every pick was right

  • Antoni Zaliwski

    Antoni Zaliwski

    Vor Monat

    no it wasn't

  • Herman Esau
    Herman EsauVor Monat

    After this weekend's results AJ has earned every cigar he smokes on camera.

  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan AllenVor Monat

    Good picks AJ🤘🏻

  • Jordan K. Ask
    Jordan K. AskVor Monat

    AJ Hawk with the perfect 4/4 weekend

  • Antoni Zaliwski

    Antoni Zaliwski

    Vor Monat


  • Amir Alwan
    Amir AlwanVor Monat

    Great picks AJ

  • AttilatheThrilla
    AttilatheThrillaVor Monat

    4/4 on wins

    dread.pirate.forexVor Monat

    Aj a wizard

  • Julian Gunney
    Julian GunneyVor Monat

    AJ got it right

  • Unknown
    UnknownVor Monat

    I still say AJ looks like the robot on the cover of Queen's album, News Of The World. Seriously. Look it up!

  • Mind of Chris
    Mind of ChrisVor Monat

    Damn he was right

  • Reid Garrison
    Reid GarrisonVor Monat

    AJ picked well!

  • GetHitSticked
    GetHitStickedVor Monat

    Who’s here after the games and realized AJ’s 4-0

  • TJ Cloar

    TJ Cloar

    Vor Monat

    Chiefs one but did not cover, so AJ would be 4-0 in picks but 3-1 for betting.

  • Mikey Bellettiere
    Mikey BellettiereVor Monat


  • James Kumar
    James KumarVor Monat

    AJ Hawk perfect this week

  • yi chen
    yi chenVor Monat

    Nanny MacFee!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!

  • Angel Blaz
    Angel BlazVor Monat

    The crooked cartoon socioeconomically borrow because behavior symptomatically pause midst a hallowed half-brother. shut, nasty shears

  • Beckett Reed
    Beckett ReedVor Monat

    he’s almost perfect so far

  • Rick Ramirez
    Rick RamirezVor Monat

    No way the Buccaneers are beating the saints

  • Bates Yang

    Bates Yang

    Vor Monat

    Watch! There's Tom Brady and he will make the difference.

  • Noah Lazo
    Noah LazoVor Monat

    2-0 on Saturday

  • Dave V
    Dave VVor Monat

    love the podcast and it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Repeat after me...PAT AND AJ...The Browns are 2020 Superbowl Champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave V
    Dave VVor Monat

    Andy Reid is known to choke when favored by high points.....You missed that Pat....The Diehard Browns fans are playing with your house money and will be dancing when you wonder what the heck just happened..........POW!

  • Timmothy Napier
    Timmothy NapierVor Monat

    Damn. Already writing the browns off?

  • Bates Yang

    Bates Yang

    Vor Monat

    @Icynighttt lol I wanted the Browns to win. No need to be sour.

  • Icynighttt


    Vor Monat

    @Bates Yang we lost by 5 with a bad call for targeting which would have helped, but go off

  • Bates Yang

    Bates Yang

    Vor Monat

    I even wonder why and how they got to the playoffs. They clearly are no match against the Chiefs. Browns are losing and will the game.

  • Levi Kendrick
    Levi KendrickVor Monat

    AJ smokes cigars like a woman

  • Erik Benson
    Erik BensonVor Monat

    He’s 2-0 so far!

  • Bates Yang

    Bates Yang

    Vor Monat

    3-0 so far!

  • The JMC
    The JMCVor Monat

    Didn’t AJ do awful with the wildcard round?

  • DJuicy Juice
    DJuicy JuiceVor Monat

    AJ was rt

  • Michael Waldrep
    Michael WaldrepVor Monat

    Those are my picks. 2 for 2 on Saturday.

  • Junior Morris
    Junior MorrisVor Monat

    AJ is 2 out of 4...... ravens got super exposed......

  • JoAnn Leichliter
    JoAnn LeichliterVor Monat

    Well, he got the first two right.

  • Sir AntBo
    Sir AntBoVor Monat

    AJs the TRUTH

  • Opus Epynomus
    Opus EpynomusVor Monat

    AJ is 2 out of 4 right now, here after bills thrashed ravens.

  • Blake Crews

    Blake Crews

    Vor Monat

    A solid 4 out of 4

  • Erik Benson

    Erik Benson

    Vor Monat

    A bit misleading. He’s 2 out of 2 with 2 games left to play.

  • Samuel Ayala
    Samuel AyalaVor Monat

    2/4 so far

  • El Purez
    El PurezVor Monat

    I’m more of a wolf howling at moon shirt guy myself but I respect the taste

  • ToTheWallHighlights
    ToTheWallHighlightsVor Monat


  • Dkow
    DkowVor Monat

    Hawk nailed those picks!

  • Anime Dude
    Anime DudeVor Monat


  • Alan Browne
    Alan BrowneVor Monat

    A.J looks like the human version of ‘the crimson chin’ from fairly odd parents!