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Happy thornback Thursday!


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    I love you madly. Please WALK, or else my cuzin Big Donna is in Heaven and she was straight outta compton. WALK my Fluffy....Come to Htown and I will come and get you to walk on a beautiful 3 mile out door track. Love ya #walkitout

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    Pinchy fluffy 🤣

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    Ooo an old footage-

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    oh wow, he really has gotten thinner! this is DAMN level right here!

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    baby fluffy

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    should do this joke again but add someone in the back asking if ur there yet then you telling them idk let me turn the volume up

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    I don't know how old this is, I've never seen it before, and I'm straight laughing so hard I'm crying!! Thank u Flufster for making us fat ppl seem less like freaks and more like people!

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    2015 be having video that looks like 2040, yet 2021, we have a cctv from freaking 1995

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    Ice cream is like Porn for Fat people 😂

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    "Its like pron but for fat people"

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    What do you want??? Chocolate & Vanilla ... Me : Perfect 😂😂😂👍👍👍

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    i love your videos man your so funny

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    So does fluffy voice act for someone in the nee space jams

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    Maybe you guys didn't hear me... They make the ice cream right there, right in front of the customers!!! 😁

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    He should make a video of one of his full shows.

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    He is so cute Fluffy

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    Love bbq toooo sizzling 🥵 hot Argentina 🇦🇷 Brazil 🇧🇷 Dallas Texas USA 🇺🇸 indeed porn for us count me in Giamanta Féderika Elias/Graaf por Dios count me in.

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    Bruh I BOUT died on that GPS part

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    OMG he looks so thin..I meant Young.

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    “happy thornback thursday”

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    "It's porno for fat people." LOL

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    I just watched one video and hit that sub button.

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    i seen you in mexico a a private hotel and u waved to me a few years ago man ur funny

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    Duuuuude you should talk about Brazilians, that would be funny! Cheers!

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    I love it when he imitate sounds. So funny!

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    Can't wait till the world is normal again. I want to see Fluff live in concert. I had to add "in concert" at the end, because I re-read the sentence & the FBI would have been at my door if I had left it the other way 😂😳

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    If they had this for Florida it would change every road.

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    1:35 sounds like he was hoping someone would invite him over for barbeque

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    the GPS should sound like a guy from India or the lady he en counted at the motel when he played the joke on his black friend the racist gift basket really funny the three ghosts from Chamber of Commerce outstanding hilarious take care y'all

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    Mr. Iglesias with an i how is Bruno I was thinking the vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream did they make a black and white cow in front of you now that's fresh straight from the cow did don't try to milk a bull one U t t e r get it and don't touch the cows in India it might be somebody's mother they might I kill you I hope not you too funny thank you for this video have a nice day that's all I have to say well take care y'all

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    You got my rolling on the floor

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    When comes fluffy to germany🥺

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    cold stone? DYLAN

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    what's the name of the full show?

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    he looks exactly like Manny from Modern Family when he was a kid

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    Happy thornback thursday

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    2:45 thats what she said

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    This video is so streched......... Wait no Mfing phone opend Selfie Mode

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    I'll tell you what's not a good song Taco Bell I kid you not get home after eating Taco Bell you'll see what I'm talking about

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    When Frankie's phone is stolen: Frankie, you can survive without a phone When Martin destroys his phone by peeing on it: I'll replace it, bro.

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    what year was this

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    Forever fluffy and funny...

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    Ya estoy viejo, me acuerdo cuando salió por primera vez el gps

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    I kinda wish he would come to Hamilton bc my son rlly wants to see him

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    One out of the box of memmories....and i loved it! thought me 2 things...1 you where born fluffy...2 you where born funny!....i love your stuff mr iglezias!...stay safe and keep it up!

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    Was waiting for it since so long

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    Glad you shared this. Love you man! Also, I can totally relate. The first time I walked into an actual Ben and Jerry's store I was blown away. I was like THEY MAKE IT RIGHT HERE?!?!?!!??!?!?!? OMG YAAAAASSSSSSSSSS lol

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    This gps is so helpful here in lebanon 😂

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    Oh, god that was funny!

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    He's fucking repeating his every old videos 🥴

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    Dude you are big....

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    Tour in Az please.

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    REPLAY-----> 2:51

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    Fluffy is my Spirit Animal! Love ya♥️

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    Finally a clip I haven't seen this is legendary

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    So fluffy wanted his ice cream made despacito

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    Why do I want to see Fluffy react to Lost Pause?

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    What was this from?

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    that was too much 😂😂😂

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    How old is this!?

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    omg u were too young in this video !

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    What I wanna know, is what kind of neighborhood are you in if the gps plays dark souls boss music?

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    I bet you 10000$ you won’t reply

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    He is voicing umm the rat from Luney tune in the new movie space jam

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    You make me laugh when I'm tired of everything thank u soo much. Love from india

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    when DVD came out, I never saw a difference from VHS... now that we have 8K displays, the difference is beyond night and day. That GPS idea is uncanny. That actually happened to me. I was visiting my girlfriend in Ft. Worth and I stopped at a restaurant, called her and she handed the phone to her dad, which I never met before, and he says "stay there, don't go any further or you are going to be in a heap of trouble".

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    When fluffy was wearing a cap 🧢

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    Old but very very gold

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    Wow this video is old

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    @Dylan Lemay

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    Dylan should see this

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    FLUFFY has _only_ gotten better with age!💖

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    "Fluffy side of me" You're round, you only have one side! *Is oh hell no or rrrrrrrrrrr*

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    I know this is a old video, but is he still doing live stand up comedy? Or does he just posts old clips?

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    that is old, that is about 10 stone ago...

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    Pop for fat people nice :)))

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    It's fluffy

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    Brilliant 👏 👏 👏!

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    Dam the improvement and growth since is mind blowing

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    This still holds up bruh, funny as ever

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    Damn you've come a long ways since then dude.

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    1st rate comedy even without your road crew. Caught your last show in Milwaukee - hope to see many more.

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    He Gabriel i am one of your biggest fans I am only 13 but my dad introduced me to u and love your jokes your so funny my only wish is to meet you someday

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    EXCELLENT idea for the GPS section for sure! 🤣🤣🤣

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    Dude. Watching this I can really see how your health has improved. Good job!!!!

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    Seeing Young fluffy gave 1000 years of life lmao

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    DAMN!! he too fluffy

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    Coldstone? Sounds like the american version of our Coldrock. Highly recommend anyone to go there, it is amazing

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    Vor 26 Tage

    Where is there?