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Funny moments from the DEnewssr "Fitz"
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  • hacka jackley
    hacka jackleyVor 15 Stunden

    That's hella gay G

  • Willow J
    Willow JVor 3 Tage

    January 2021, i miss those OG fitz-gang moments, happy to see they"re still rolling today

  • Myleen Sos
    Myleen SosVor 9 Tage

    Whats the game called

  • ControVR


    Vor 8 Tage

    its free on steam

  • ControVR


    Vor 8 Tage


  • Gregory Lee
    Gregory LeeVor 10 Tage

    I like how bekky said she caries a lot of bacteria but then proceeds to says she has the herpes virus :)

  • Gaming with GodKing
    Gaming with GodKingVor 15 Tage

    Check out my cod vids 😁

  • 2 Churros
    2 ChurrosVor 15 Tage

    Im mexican and the "La Le Chugga" had me rolling ROTFLMFAO!!!!

  • Yaki-Soba Damian
    Yaki-Soba DamianVor 16 Tage

    Racism is ok!

  • Jana Alsaeed
    Jana AlsaeedVor 20 Tage

    ik this is super old! but you can’t say the r slur!! i will gladly elaborate if u ask!

  • Lukman Kaduji
    Lukman KadujiVor 23 Tage

    3:14 the best one 😂😂😂😂

  • swowle
    swowleVor Monat

    Watching this at midnight on Christmas, to be in my shoes

  • derpy is trash :p
    derpy is trash :pVor Monat

    Loved your video! Darkarta the 10$ game is just for 1$ Try it out!!

  • Gabrielle Vanderwolf
    Gabrielle VanderwolfVor Monat

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    L3GIT_GAMNVor Monat


  • Flare I am
    Flare I amVor Monat

    classic fitz yeet

  • Bot Ski
    Bot SkiVor Monat

    Back when Fitz was funny bruh

  • Funky Boi
    Funky BoiVor Monat

    SUBSCRIBE to my Channel for funny gaming moments!

  • loli Life
    loli LifeVor Monat

    watching this thing after i dropped 200ug of lsd and is scary and funny at the same time

  • loli Life

    loli Life

    Vor Monat

    also eating cold beans idk

  • Marmon
    MarmonVor Monat

    Are we going to just ignore the fact that he said the N-word in text 😂

  • MJ Anaya
    MJ AnayaVor Monat

    I need to know what song that was that swagger was headbobbing to

  • Mr. Gabriel
    Mr. GabrielVor Monat

    3:36 kills me

  • S160 2jayZee
    S160 2jayZeeVor Monat

    Damnit ainsley😅💦🤣

  • Susie Dixon
    Susie DixonVor 2 Monate

    Dude when he was like “daddy yes daddy” I fuckin chocked on my water holy shit

  • jl 03
    jl 03Vor 2 Monate


  • Marko Radenkovic
    Marko RadenkovicVor 2 Monate

    Edit iz perf👌

  • emma hardesty
    emma hardestyVor 2 Monate

    imagine dragons radioactive

  • WyattGoesBerserk
    WyattGoesBerserkVor 2 Monate

    2020 and still missing fitz anyone?

  • Luca Benaglia
    Luca BenagliaVor 2 Monate

    3:36 loool

  • Kevin_ Dat_kid
    Kevin_ Dat_kidVor 3 Monate

    uh, i been abusin my wife, she talk back i stab her wit da knife Edit: for legal reasons this is a joke

  • Shadox
    ShadoxVor 3 Monate

    This video is kind of sus

  • Tyne
    TyneVor 3 Monate

    lol 8-69

  • Jonathan Howard
    Jonathan HowardVor 3 Monate

    First one was so stupid, made me not want to send this to people

  • Blitz
    BlitzVor 3 Monate

    3:37 actually song?????

  • Christian Romero
    Christian RomeroVor 3 Monate

    this is actually fckin funny

  • sam godding
    sam goddingVor 3 Monate

    Man Elmo really changed after sesame Street

  • George Collette
    George ColletteVor 4 Monate

    0:19 I don’t know why but this just made me laugh so goddamn hard

    Alam NUSANTARAVor 4 Monate

    Mobile legend funy moment lol

  • RWAR Games
    RWAR GamesVor 4 Monate

    4:31 This part is frigging halarious. This Just Proves Im Racist ;-;

  • Tina Stewart
    Tina StewartVor 4 Monate

    Does anyone know what game this is?

  • Ciaran Watson
    Ciaran WatsonVor 4 Monate

    I'm so dead inside at this point I don't even laugh at this anymore :(

  • your daddy
    your daddyVor 4 Monate

    2:27 say my name louder I cant hear you

  • Alec Newman
    Alec NewmanVor 4 Monate


  • jmiogo
    jmiogoVor 4 Monate

    I know let’s block all the gameplay with text!!!

  • Lil Cofy
    Lil CofyVor 4 Monate

    Only white people that deserve n word pass

  • Sly Fox 교활한 여우
    Sly Fox 교활한 여우Vor 4 Monate


  • Sly Fox 교활한 여우
    Sly Fox 교활한 여우Vor 4 Monate


  • TTS Bodyshot
    TTS BodyshotVor 4 Monate

    *TAGGED HIM 84*

  • JohnLemon
    JohnLemonVor 4 Monate

    Thats actually a very good „best of“ since you actually put single clips in it and not half of the video and then the next one

  • Cicero Rosa
    Cicero RosaVor 5 Monate

    My mom divorced my dad before I was born

  • tstables0 8
    tstables0 8Vor 5 Monate

    No one: My little brother 4:31

  • Moqally
    MoqallyVor 5 Monate

    the outro song keeps fucking with me and making me sad

    __BABYxPSYCHO_Vor 5 Monate

    Le tuce

  • Mr. Solo Dolo
    Mr. Solo DoloVor 5 Monate

    worst fitz moments

  • MoMos
    MoMosVor 5 Monate

    when you started mumble rapping haha i died! better then half of the mumble rap community!

  • Dark Eclipse281
    Dark Eclipse281Vor 5 Monate


  • Loulou video
    Loulou videoVor 5 Monate


  • The Classic Why
    The Classic WhyVor 5 Monate


  • Rosilyn Berg
    Rosilyn BergVor 5 Monate

    4:36 didn’t age well 😅

  • Greensus
    GreensusVor 5 Monate

    Bold of you to assume that fitz is funny

  • MC J
    MC JVor 5 Monate

    The Howard Stern and Patrick Warburton are the best

  • mr.cleanmachine
    mr.cleanmachineVor 5 Monate

    30 seconds is the best part

  • Wesbro 500
    Wesbro 500Vor 5 Monate

    when elmo said the n word fitz typed it out...............

  • LETHA Hopkins
    LETHA HopkinsVor 5 Monate

    kelly clarkson

    G-GM2STERVor 5 Monate

    Fitz should start making music 🤣

  • pencils pianos
    pencils pianosVor 5 Monate

    4:27 This did not age well

  • Malani Terry
    Malani TerryVor 5 Monate

    4:30 didn't age well

  • Ruhaan Malhotra
    Ruhaan MalhotraVor 5 Monate

    my favorite moment was when he cheated with Katerino!

    MK3 FAMILYVor 5 Monate

    Is it just me or they should really chill with the racist jokes and just go for the dark jokes instead because like they’re really pushing it

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Vor 5 Monate

    la la chooga... I can't sleep thinking about that

  • Lee Mathias
    Lee MathiasVor 5 Monate

    This channel sucks more dick than a hooker on a payday

  • morb production
    morb productionVor 5 Monate

    plot twist: bekky is a boy

  • Skety Bolognese
    Skety BologneseVor 5 Monate

    The Elmo bit killed me

  • Bobby Johnson

    Bobby Johnson

    Vor 5 Monate

  • Fwix
    FwixVor 5 Monate

    0:46 bro both green and the enemy are cheating 😂

  • Nesren Efe
    Nesren EfeVor 5 Monate

  • Takini stewart
    Takini stewartVor 5 Monate

    clap clap

  • Brylie Ellis
    Brylie EllisVor 5 Monate

    2:25 what song is that?!!!!!!!????

  • Ashley Francisco
    Ashley FranciscoVor 5 Monate

    What is the song at 11:42 Called?

  • Strxw_brii
    Strxw_briiVor 5 Monate

    One of them: MY DAD SUCK A DICK FOR LIVING Me:I-hOlY sHIt 👁👄👁

  • Christo Bobbo
    Christo BobboVor 6 Monate

    How you have a 2 million views video and 6 k subscribers

  • Alec2109


    Vor 5 Monate

    Bobby Johnson fuck off

  • Bobby Johnson

    Bobby Johnson

    Vor 5 Monate

  • Alec2109


    Vor 5 Monate

    Cause he steals clips from Fritz

  • Cody Dickson
    Cody DicksonVor 6 Monate

    What game is this?

  • Kaden Hix

    Kaden Hix

    Vor 5 Monate


  • MrControl
    MrControlVor 6 Monate

    11:16 song?

  • JohnIsPlaying
    JohnIsPlayingVor 6 Monate


  • Kerry Liston
    Kerry ListonVor 6 Monate

    Swagger trying to do police callouts makes him sounds like an announcer for hockey.

  • Bobby Johnson

    Bobby Johnson

    Vor 5 Monate

  • Starwars Lov3r6
    Starwars Lov3r6Vor 6 Monate


  • Bobby Johnson

    Bobby Johnson

    Vor 5 Monate

  • Robert Karolis
    Robert KarolisVor 6 Monate

    11:42 what is this sound effect and what is the name of it?

  • Spooks
    SpooksVor 6 Monate

    Ainley is the csgo caboose

  • Max.H_
    Max.H_Vor 6 Monate

    Strat strat strat strat

  • Major Mac
    Major MacVor 6 Monate

    i miss old fitz ):

  • High In Reverse
    High In ReverseVor 6 Monate

    She predicted 2020

  • Rage of ores
    Rage of oresVor 6 Monate

    mY dAd SuCk A dIcK fOr LiViNg

  • Bobby Johnson

    Bobby Johnson

    Vor 5 Monate

  • Implified
    ImplifiedVor 7 Monate

    I loved this video lmao

  • Conner Floyd
    Conner FloydVor 7 Monate

    Ainsly is so damn funny

  • Mountain Soda
    Mountain SodaVor 7 Monate

    *I‘ll be back*

  • B VicKeRz
    B VicKeRzVor 7 Monate

    "racism is ok" im suprised they havnt taken this down after recent events lmfao

  • Just Jacob
    Just JacobVor 7 Monate

    4:32, June 2020, the timing of youtube recommending this vid to me is just great

  • RamseyFPS


    Vor 20 Tage

    Too edgy man back off

  • morb production
    morb productionVor 7 Monate

    Ngl, bekky sound adorable

  • Bobby Johnson

    Bobby Johnson

    Vor 5 Monate

  • morb production

    morb production

    Vor 6 Monate

    @Sean Tran even better

  • Sean Tran

    Sean Tran

    Vor 6 Monate

    i bet bekky is a dude

  • bath
    bathVor 7 Monate

    I miss brodie

  • WestOfLee
    WestOfLeeVor 7 Monate

    The best moment was when katerino sucked his coc-

  • Krystal Meth
    Krystal MethVor 7 Monate

    The ending got weirdly wholesome lol

  • FancyTiga
    FancyTigaVor 7 Monate

    there are much funnier moements this is shit

  • Dezzies Kidney
    Dezzies KidneyVor 7 Monate

    straight faced and half of these are his friends making decent jokes and Fitz laughing. the only bit that I laughed at was Elmo saying the n word but that was mainly cause it caught me off guard