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Happy throwback Thursday!


  • Brenda Hennessy
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  • Life Saving Defense
    Life Saving DefenseVor 12 Tage

    Gabe..... Gabriel..... Gaaaaabriel...... FLuFFY !!!!!!!...... If you give up soda for water you can pretty much eat all the cake you want..... least till you see how much weight you lose and your wife gets even more jealous...... It’s ok... your iphone will still lie for you....

  • Dude Games
    Dude GamesVor 15 Tage

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Pepsi I laugh so hard every time

  • dino vistroni
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  • Sadad Erlangga
    Sadad ErlanggaVor 18 Tage

    My friend actually imitate him to do a commercial for Fanta at school. Boi did things went hot

  • NotPresentPlace744
    NotPresentPlace744Vor 25 Tage

    me: watching a fat comedian DEnewss: Are u interested in CANDY?

  • notthebasement
    notthebasementVor 25 Tage

    El único comediante que me consigue hacer reir, estoy viendo un vídeo tras otro jajajaj

  • Zaechaeus
    ZaechaeusVor 28 Tage

    When he said "Pepsi" I killed my toliet fr laughing so hard

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arxVor 29 Tage

    Speaking of ‘commercials gone wild’: the one i just got before this vid started was like “Did you ever pinch your balls!?” - shows an electric shaver that he puts down his undies...

  • salvation 777
    salvation 777Vor Monat

    He's Mexican-American he ain't Mexican not until he gets his Mexican citizenship

  • Smokey Santiago
    Smokey SantiagoVor Monat

    Fluffy: the only comedian who makes me belly laugh every single time!

  • Skeletone56
    Skeletone56Vor Monat

    I gotta go get a Pepsi

  • M. Pretty girl.
    M. Pretty girl.Vor Monat

    So fluffy & funny! God Bless! 😇

  • Ivelina S.
    Ivelina S.Vor Monat

    Fluffy is so addictive watching... once you start you can’t stop watching him 🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Weaver
    Chris WeaverVor Monat

    Diet soda is more fattening and addicting..



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  • Lily Valley
    Lily ValleyVor Monat

    Thumbs up on all nice comments !

  • EHSnipes
    EHSnipesVor Monat

    WHY IS THERE CAPTIONS! It shows punch lines before he says the joke, lowkey why this Chanel isn’t bigger yet!!

  • Cindy Walters
    Cindy WaltersVor Monat

    I agree. My husband loves that Channel and his white from new York. Damn Spanish channel

  • Carlos Garza
    Carlos GarzaVor Monat

    To be honest those commercials didn't age well

  • Jonathan Marks
    Jonathan MarksVor Monat

    2:25 man bow people are going to being male hookers to his show

  • Iyaya Ekita
    Iyaya EkitaVor Monat

    ok. so thats funny, or no, because we get that on which we focus, mi muy estimado Sr. Iglesias. Se llama: "La Ley de la Attracción", la cuál le ofrece Él o La Creadora dek Univerao. Qué es lo que Ud. quiere atraer hoy, mañana, y a largo plazo? Escríbelo en un papel y dáselo al Sr Martín para que, dado el plazo de tiempo pueda ver su se cumplió.

  • Iyaya Ekita
    Iyaya EkitaVor Monat

    Unfortunately I can't say I love living in gringolandia.

  • John Titor
    John TitorVor Monat

    He doesnt take the cakes home. He leaves them in the dressing room. I know. I worked security when he performed at the OC Fair. We were sweeping the area after closing and i saw them there, untouched.

  • Amie Carter

    Amie Carter

    Vor Monat

    @John Titor I just especially didn't judge that he doesn't eat them because when he first started doing comedy big time he admitted the docter gave him 2 years to live due to his health conditions and he lost like 100 and something pounds and started not eating things like cake to live longer for his son

  • Amie Carter

    Amie Carter

    Vor Monat

    @John Titor not really honestly because at the end of the day if I receive a gift even if I don't like it I'm great full for even being thought of or cared about that much to begin with

  • John Titor

    John Titor

    Vor Monat

    @Amie Carter and the story about "its a bakery" is also false. You're just wasting your money and time making something that no one is going to appreciate.

  • Amie Carter

    Amie Carter

    Vor Monat

    @John Titor and would you really want him to either die from poison or the fact he's diabetic eating 3 cakes just for a joke to be authentic

  • Amie Carter

    Amie Carter

    Vor Monat

    @John Titor you have to spice it up somehow and his comedies still amazing because most comedians write there jokes as a script the first time around his jokes are told there brand new made up in his head that moment he's more real then most and more talented to be able to think of stuff on the spot

  • Lps Dashy Aurora
    Lps Dashy AuroraVor Monat

    " uh _ I love Mexico, just visiting..I like it right here " 😅😅

  • thefourcraft
    thefourcraftVor Monat

    He doesn't do any show any more this show is from 2008 I think...

    IRONHIDEVor Monat

    i would like to see you in ant man movie it would be perfecto :D

  • Chris Moon
    Chris MoonVor Monat

    My friends and I still act out the Pepsi commercial you do lol! 🤣💯👍

  • Scotti Brown
    Scotti BrownVor Monat

    All of Gabriel’s specials and comedy bites are funny, like I can’t think of a time of where I didn’t laugh at something Fluffy said

  • Music lover
    Music loverVor Monat

    Hello from india

  • Danielle Harding
    Danielle HardingVor Monat

    I could watch all your videos over and over and over and still laugh every single time. Wish I could meet you in person. My uncle is a comedian, but shhhh you're still my favorite one.

  • Joseph Bohan
    Joseph BohanVor Monat

    I used to have hookers . Bolted them onto my Firebird's engine . 326 HO , 1967 badass

  • Leonardo Bastian Corea Blanco
    Leonardo Bastian Corea BlancoVor Monat

    Hello I am Mexican Is impresionant you comedy

  • Adam Temple
    Adam TempleVor Monat

    Super cool video seen it many times still makes me smile

  • Cat Keys
    Cat KeysVor Monat

    "Why do you drink diet soda?" "So I can eat regular cake."

  • Zerperior


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    @Mary Ann Girvan ok that one was mnt funny

  • Mary Ann Girvan

    Mary Ann Girvan

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    @Zerperior less calories in diet equal ability to eat a high calorie cake.

  • Zerperior


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    I didnt get that

  • Adriana Gonzalez
    Adriana GonzalezVor Monat

    Lol! Made me laugh when the notification popped up and I immediately wanted to click on it but had to wait to see it because my toddler was in the same room as me.

  • Rohan Poddar
    Rohan PoddarVor Monat

    Mr.Iglesais bought me here. oh wait.

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  • Walter Seeganna
    Walter SeegannaVor Monat

    Diet soda is actually less healthy than normal

  • Kaan Çakır
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  • SassyAttitude101
    SassyAttitude101Vor Monat

    Did anyone else get a Pepsi ad on this video like I did? 🤣

  • saitomusic
    saitomusicVor Monat

    Un abrazo grande para ti mi amigo. Yo no soy espanol pero estudiar un poco. Is my Spanish correct Gab?

  • _Suburban_
    _Suburban_Vor Monat

    I kinda remember when there was comedy on Comedy Central.

  • Roy Moreno
    Roy MorenoVor Monat

    Are u still a comedian

  • _Young Jezuz_
    _Young Jezuz_Vor Monat

    “My special will air on Comedy Central..Not Telemundo”🤣😭😂

  • SPR K4M1K4Z3
    SPR K4M1K4Z3Vor Monat

    Fluffy should make a stage on his house and the audience is his family dont ya think?

  • Frutas Exóticas
    Frutas ExóticasVor Monat

    Amigo ven a probar frutas mexicanas de verdad conmigo.

  • stasishunter 781
    stasishunter 781Vor Monat

    i watched the fluffy movie on netflix today after school

  • Yes No
    Yes NoVor Monat

    Fluffy you keep uploading the same video 10 times 😭

  • Nate Dp
    Nate DpVor Monat

    Ever tried 7up cake?

  • Red T
    Red TVor Monat

    Just started work at a new place. One of my co-workers is a Latino named Martin. Right off the bat, I couldn't help it. "Mar-TIIIIIIN!"

  • SupernaturalPirate1
    SupernaturalPirate1Vor Monat

    This is funny every time

  • Gaston Angulo
    Gaston AnguloVor Monat

    you can hear his mom laughing in the background

  • charina enchente
    charina enchenteVor Monat

    How about coming out on HBO & TELEMUNDO

  • Tony94
    Tony94Vor Monat

    So is it random that a Pepsi commercial pop up on my screen before the video start?

  • Brenda Burgner-Williams
    Brenda Burgner-WilliamsVor Monat

    Te queiro mucho, mijo. Love your show. My favorite comedian.

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  • Stacy Seale music and green thumb things
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    New material please this one is so old the dust is shaking off it while we watch

  • Nube-Gamer
    Nube-GamerVor Monat

    1:22 eh sounds more like a BudLight ad to me

  • AcogR6
    AcogR6Vor Monat

    I thought I would never like stand up comedies, this guy changed my mind.....

  • Elizabeth "Lisa" Fischer
    Elizabeth "Lisa" FischerVor Monat

    It's fun and dangerous not to look Spanish and speak it because especially around men who think you don't understand what they are saying about you! Guess who's not getting lucky tonight?

  • Meri Teri

    Meri Teri

    Vor Monat

    I like to surprise them with, si tu mamá te oiera hablando asi... Love the initial reaction: 😦😦😦😦😦😦😦 😂

  • Muneeb Hassan
    Muneeb HassanVor Monat

    No matter how many times I watch him it's just like I am watching for the first time.... 💟💟💟💟

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  • Annie Arrington

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  • Lily Valley

    Lily Valley

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    Indeed. Just like Jeff Dunham.

  • Luigi Medugno

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  • Kayden Balderas-Morales

    Kayden Balderas-Morales

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  • Kent Patrick
    Kent PatrickVor Monat

    I love you fluffy but when are you gonna upload new content rather than clips from old specials???

  • Rufo Barriga
    Rufo BarrigaVor Monat

    Happy throwback Thursday

  • TheDuckGoesQuack
    TheDuckGoesQuackVor Monat

    Carl's Jr. "Hardee's" commercials has nothing to do with the burger. Big jugs and a big butt has nothing do with the burger.😅🤷 Monopolistic Competition, ooofff.

  • Top Secret
    Top SecretVor Monat

    Funny as hell they put a Pepsi on the set right when he said “Makes me want to get a Pepsi”.

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj SinghVor Monat

    Hey Gabriel sending love from INDIA ❤️❤️

  • Grammy Bear
    Grammy BearVor Monat

    🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼......

  • Sangeeta Naiyar
    Sangeeta NaiyarVor Monat

    He is just awesome I love sir Sir has this ability to make voices which always make me laugh

  • R. Bhangu
    R. BhanguVor Monat

    Love it! ❤️


    Do you know any better comadian than fluffy❤️

  • Rose


    Vor Monat

    There IS no better comedian than Gabriel!!

  • Terence McGinnis
    Terence McGinnisVor Monat

    damnit, I bought a Pepsi... screw you. haha XDDD

  • Sandman FightingSysfem
    Sandman FightingSysfemVor Monat

    I LOVE FLUFFY!!!!!!

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  • LoveTroll
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    ❝ _Wake up every day and ask, "Jehovah God what can _*_I_*_ do for _*_You_*_ today? _*_Who_*_ can I help you inspire today?_ ❞

  • DarkRose 777

    DarkRose 777

    Vor Monat

    Okay, and the point of your comment is?

  • Gomes 341
    Gomes 341Vor Monat

    Why don’t you talk about hookers

  • Valcore
    ValcoreVor Monat

    Only nine dislikes, should be zero

  • The Underdog From The Underground
    The Underdog From The UndergroundVor Monat

    1:22 My new ringtone

  • ulysess oliveras
    ulysess oliverasVor Monat

    When can you come back to Florida

  • Master chief
    Master chiefVor Monat

    I Love these 🤣

  • Harold Torres
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  • -no_signal_error-
    -no_signal_error-Vor Monat

    I saw the title and imeaditly knew what joke it was bc I love this joke so much i showed it to my abela she laughed so hard and said it was true

  • La_Loca13
    La_Loca13Vor Monat

    Omg I love Gabriel ♥️♥️♥️

  • Tyler Walter
    Tyler WalterVor Monat

    Gotta watch a show next time you come through Ohio come hell or high water I’ll be there 😂😂

  • Ramon
    RamonVor Monat

    I know my dude is talking about the old Sofia Vergara commercial

  • Zipp _Z
    Zipp _ZVor Monat

    In class once again and you got me holding my breath in english class tryna write a debate paper, you've DONE IT AGAIN 🤣

  • Brad Williams
    Brad WilliamsVor Monat

    I use to watch Telemundo when I lived in Texas. I enjoyed it. I don’t speak Spanish but the people on that network seemed so passionate about everything they said that I really enjoyed it.

  • Galarian Articuno

    Galarian Articuno

    Vor 19 Tage

    I just ruined the 69, your welcome

  • Jonathan Marks

    Jonathan Marks

    Vor Monat

    I use to watch it too and i dont speak Spanish but i did it for the women with big boobs and shirts 2 sizes 2 small on there

  • Leonardo Bastian Corea Blanco

    Leonardo Bastian Corea Blanco

    Vor Monat

    Hello I am Mexican is impresionant Texas handsome

  • Good Day

    Good Day

    Vor Monat

    I understand some Spanish but really not very much but I like watching their dating shows they are so good!

  • Tamseel Ahmed Siddiqui
    Tamseel Ahmed SiddiquiVor Monat

    My introduction to sex was Spanish commercials.

  • Adam Ammar
    Adam AmmarVor Monat

    The pig jokes

  • Jack Danes Jr.
    Jack Danes Jr.Vor Monat

    They say laughter is the best medicine! I'm as healthy Then! Thanks to Dr.Fluffy we will survive covid

  • Alex B

    Alex B

    Vor Monat

    I starting rewatching old Fluffy shows and now I am in much better spirits!

  • Erin Burkey
    Erin BurkeyVor Monat

    Lol love it

  • Erik Grimaldo
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  • azj_2002
    azj_2002Vor Monat

    Critics: What's the difference? Gabriel: The difference is my special will air on Comedy Central, not Telemundo. Savage: 99999999%

  • Hatchi Beatbox
    Hatchi BeatboxVor Monat

    ¨Its always a sexy model walking out all sexy, right?¨ ¨Music¨ ¨Hola¨ ¨Music¨ ¨Ay, qué rico¨ ¨And on the 28th second, right?¨ ¨Aaaaaaa... ¨Pepsi.¨ Im dying 🤣🤣

  • Francisco Martinez

    Francisco Martinez

    Vor Monat

    1:22 your welcome

  • 1k_JUN1OR
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  • Error Kenway
    Error KenwayVor Monat

    Funny as ever Fluffy Greetings from CA, USA

  • Timbo White
    Timbo WhiteVor Monat

    Hello Gabriela Iglesias AKA Fluffy & Thank You

  • Pazex
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