Monster Live Stream (Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber)


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  • Navishka Nand
    Navishka NandVor 3 Stunden

    Justin: who's Shawn 2020:the guy who made the song senorita which has 16million likes ❤

  • NBZC
    NBZCVor 4 Stunden

    Where is Sean's Adams apple? Is he trans? Looks it now... FTM

  • Minagi Dinulya
    Minagi DinulyaVor 5 Stunden

    Fantastic song Shawn mendes and JB 💖💖

  • AnnMarie Martinez
    AnnMarie MartinezVor 10 Stunden

    I love you💖 Shawn Mendes

  • Mia Higgins
    Mia HigginsVor 11 Stunden

    what at first i did not know they were f r i e n d s but this is me .;.

    YOMAULIDYN GOVor 14 Stunden

    Desember 2020 like and dislike 👍

  • Yoseyas Yohannes
    Yoseyas YohannesVor 16 Stunden

    Shawn:like,like,like,like Justin:totally,totally,totally,like,like

  • BTS are legends BTS
    BTS are legends BTSVor 18 Stunden

    3:30-3:50 when they start talking about '' love yourself first and talk to yourself '' i just remembered BTS world tour '' love yourself '' and '' speak yourself '' i really love when artists spread positivity and beautiful messages which can be helpful and relief the listeners when we have tough times just like Shawn, Justin and Bts 🥺💜💜💜 monster just become one of my favorite songs it has deep meaning and very touchy i cried while hearing it I remember monster dropped on Friday and it was the same day as bts comback 'life goes on' it was the best day for me I just got two meaningful masterpieces comback in one day hsisjsjs😭💜 #army

  • Z Cohan
    Z CohanVor 19 Stunden

    I really love your song-I can treat you better than he can I have in love with this song from when I have heard it Love u keep the work up,u are awesome Plz heart it

  • Maria Barreto
    Maria BarretoVor 20 Stunden

    Do be looking like old men with technologies 😂

    LIZTRILVor Tag

    FULL WONDER ALBUM: ➡️✨ (All songs are in order)

  • Free Fire
    Free FireVor Tag

    I was wondering if can sing for us jajajaja he's just the best. jajajaja

  • Abigail Salas
    Abigail SalasVor Tag

    Nuevo Bromance recién salidito del horno JAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJ

  • Unknown
    UnknownVor Tag

    bottoms reunited

  • animegirl forever31
    animegirl forever31Vor Tag

    I love them both so much.both cute and handsome guys and so talented. If I could chat with them at least would be a dream come true. And to see them live. Love u always shawn Mendes and justin beiber 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sssohrab
    SssohrabVor Tag

    Justin is calm

  • Itzel Estevez
    Itzel EstevezVor Tag


  • Anita Hong
    Anita HongVor Tag

    So wise 💕 I love them

  • Maria de Nazaré Lima
    Maria de Nazaré LimaVor Tag


  • Maria de Nazaré Lima
    Maria de Nazaré LimaVor Tag


  • វុធ បញ្ញារី
    វុធ បញ្ញារីVor 2 Tage


    ANIMALSVor 2 Tage

  • Melissa Huser
    Melissa HuserVor 2 Tage

    Super cute and lovely. Bromance Ontario love.

  • John Day
    John DayVor 2 Tage

    Smh 🤦🏼‍♂️ This whole video felt like a girl babbling about nothing while the boyfriend just supported them with a casual response “1000 percent”. “Um like...Um like...Ya totally”

  • Apinya Phonrawang
    Apinya PhonrawangVor 2 Tage

  • Raunak Nandy
    Raunak NandyVor 3 Tage

    Didn't Shawn use to date Hailey?


    Jayden 💍 Solmarie 👰

  • Maria Alejandra
    Maria AlejandraVor 3 Tage

    New Hope Club cover:

  • Mitsuki Hitori
    Mitsuki HitoriVor 3 Tage

    love you so much guys ❤ ❤ I wanna cry 😢

  • Sojano Kithan
    Sojano KithanVor 3 Tage


  • music zd
    music zdVor 3 Tage

    5:44 so this is the moment that we all were waiting for.

    ICARLS SHAYVor 4 Tage

    I love how they're friends now ❤ since it was questionable that justin totally shaded shawn when first asked about him unless he seriously did not know who he was at the time

  • Ishan Sharma

    Ishan Sharma

    Vor 2 Tage

    I bet you'll enjoy this version of MONSTER 🥺

  • Pankaj Gupta
    Pankaj GuptaVor 4 Tage

    Sufring from Success....

  • megan turcotte
    megan turcotteVor 4 Tage

    Justin: What's your favorite movie quote? Me, a Potterhead: I'm going to bed before you come up with another plan to get us killed, or worse, expelled. - Hermione Granger

  • megan turcotte

    megan turcotte

    Vor 2 Tage

    @Anahita Kumari Lol

  • Anahita Kumari

    Anahita Kumari

    Vor 3 Tage


  • Shelby Grabicki
    Shelby GrabickiVor 4 Tage

    I can't imaging growing up under the constant lens and scrutiny that nowadays comes hand and hand with being a celebrity. I applaud you both, but I also think that your parents and the people who love you really succeeded in helping you overcome the pitfalls of both seem like such kind and empathetic people! I am so impressed that despite all the negativity coming from internet trolls, etc.-you still have such a positive outlook and grateful hearts.

  • Star Sparrow Tarot
    Star Sparrow TarotVor 4 Tage

    You are a beautiful light worker, Shawn. ❤️ Thank you for being authentically you and heightening the vibration of the collective one smile at a time. 🙏

  • Derek Mcdonald
    Derek McdonaldVor 4 Tage

    Nice great job

  • justelishere
    justelishereVor 4 Tage

    Love love love this song, please check out my version which has a little spin ;) I hope you all enjoy, Justel x

  • Shams Albloushy
    Shams AlbloushyVor 4 Tage

    i love you shawnnnnn so fking much omggggggg omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg i love uuuuuuu

  • Shams Albloushy
    Shams AlbloushyVor 4 Tage

    i will like die to death omgggggggggggggggg shawn shaewnnnnnnnnnnn i love uu shawn mendes soooo fking much omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg i love uuu

  • Shams Albloushy
    Shams AlbloushyVor 4 Tage

    shawn loveee uuuuu

  • Ankush shaw justin bieber fan
    Ankush shaw justin bieber fanVor 5 Tage

    I am a huge fan of jb and I only sing his songs in my channel plz listen it and also like it

  • syed suhaib.s
    syed suhaib.sVor 5 Tage


  • Tabitha Roshi
    Tabitha RoshiVor 5 Tage

    I love both of them and both of them together is booooommmm.✨😭...I'm dead..

  • Belle Ame'
    Belle Ame'Vor 5 Tage

    i love you justin, but i love shawn more

  • Maleah Nelson
    Maleah NelsonVor 5 Tage


  • Kamrunnahar Lucy
    Kamrunnahar LucyVor 5 Tage


  • Naral Joyce
    Naral JoyceVor 5 Tage


  • Richard
    RichardVor 5 Tage

    Don't worry be happy!

  • Jeff J
    Jeff JVor 5 Tage

    I love you guys so much and thank you for being my favorite singer

  • Anna Polyakova
    Anna PolyakovaVor 5 Tage

    both of you are so beloved by God! love you, guys. be blessed in the Name of Jesus!

  • AntonyLamontboogs
    AntonyLamontboogsVor 5 Tage

    Amazing who wrote and arranged i want to know everyone on this track

  • AntonyLamontboogs
    AntonyLamontboogsVor 5 Tage

    Listen this is the wave please promote this song

  • Merdin Walter
    Merdin WalterVor 6 Tage

    Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster // Spider-Man Miles Morales 👉

  • Maria Irene Grilo
    Maria Irene GriloVor 6 Tage

    Eu acho que é uma

  • Maria Irene Grilo
    Maria Irene GriloVor 6 Tage

    Eu acho que é uma

  • Maria Irene Grilo
    Maria Irene GriloVor 6 Tage

    Tu não sabes que eu também gosto do Justin Bieber

  • fritz hund
    fritz hundVor 6 Tage

    be good boys all of us here for a very short time.

  • Isabella Restrepo
    Isabella RestrepoVor 6 Tage

    I see them being really good bros. Love them

  • Seduante Watson
    Seduante WatsonVor 6 Tage

    Shawn Mendes and Justin bieber you guys are sing

  • Rhonda minnick
    Rhonda minnickVor 6 Tage

    💘 the real for them...i fill for the lives of childhood 🌟....then they have to grow infont of the says so much...proud of u exclent

  • Hi Hello
    Hi HelloVor 6 Tage

    They have great chemistry, great collab and love the song.

  • RaydenFirefly
    RaydenFireflyVor 6 Tage

    Amazing it’s great to have two Canadians come together and make a song

  • Random Crafts by Amila
    Random Crafts by AmilaVor 6 Tage Yeeen x

  • Sudo Nimm
    Sudo NimmVor 6 Tage

    this is great sharing

  • Skye Parks
    Skye ParksVor 6 Tage

    justins soooo fake loooool

    OP FAKE GAMER FFVor 6 Tage

    For the 2% reading this, I hope you are having a great day. Keep smiling and success will come! . . . . Pls support and Subscribe 🙏🙏

  • savanah jones
    savanah jonesVor 6 Tage

    Y’all inspire me so much I love you both so very Much!! Y’all make everyday better for me!! Hope you all stay safe god bless!!

  • Eunicep Brown
    Eunicep BrownVor 6 Tage

    Love this 😀❤ amazing video with my amazing singers ❤ 🙌😘👌👏

  • Hel chin
    Hel chinVor 6 Tage

    justin bieber and selena gomez never forgot about the cursh

  • Jaylynn Wright
    Jaylynn WrightVor 6 Tage

    Nice stay safe

  • Namae Namae
    Namae NamaeVor 6 Tage

    my head hurts listening to this

  • Rebekka Raj
    Rebekka RajVor 7 Tage

    I love this Song....😍😍😍

  • عاشق لاءِ ِ پئسا ڳوليو
    عاشق لاءِ ِ پئسا ڳوليوVor 7 Tage

  • Rajnish Verma
    Rajnish VermaVor 7 Tage

    I'm loving this friendship, this bromance. May God bless their bonding always like this. 💜💌🕊️🎼 Shawn and Justin.

  • famb31
    famb31Vor 7 Tage

    Canadian Kings 💕


    Next time you should talk how each other feel when paparazzi are approaching like zombies 😅

  • Annie Bananie
    Annie BananieVor 7 Tage

    Im a 52 canadian woman and i cant stop listening to monster and justins lonely song! Bravo

  • Antonia Conway
    Antonia ConwayVor 7 Tage

    I was blown away by the song 😗

  • Shining Star
    Shining StarVor 7 Tage

    A Colab with ur wife’s ex... wow Justin!😂

  • Chioma Ekeasi
    Chioma EkeasiVor 7 Tage

    what do u think about shawn mendes voice?(behind camera)

  • Akhtaru Zaman
    Akhtaru ZamanVor 7 Tage

    All Canadians in one music video 💜💜💜

  • Akhtaru Zaman
    Akhtaru ZamanVor 7 Tage

    Shawn : like... Justin : yeah, sure,totally,100%, I agree...

  • Jasmin Zaman
    Jasmin ZamanVor 7 Tage

    Justin bieber,so bored and tired sometimes sprung up for some reason.

  • Jeet Modha
    Jeet ModhaVor 7 Tage

    DEnewss:Jeet Modha

  • EDSMusic
    EDSMusicVor 7 Tage

    Monster Cover by Clover Cage

  • Kev
    KevVor 7 Tage

    Ughh i know im wrong for this but fuck ... my gay heart is shipping them 😭😭😭

  • William Dass
    William DassVor 7 Tage

    Zyan vs justin bieber

  • Abdelhay Ennadifi
    Abdelhay EnnadifiVor 7 Tage

    Layer 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sylar Rogers
    Sylar RogersVor 7 Tage

    Now you know who Shawn Mendes is.

  • Blackwidow Lyrics
    Blackwidow LyricsVor 7 Tage I made lyrics to the monster song 😊


    Why does shawn voice sounds like camila in a good way, is it just me?

  • Andrea
    AndreaVor 8 Tage

    Just realized they're Canadians 😆😘😘

  • Piyush Khatik
    Piyush KhatikVor 8 Tage

  • Rich Purcell
    Rich PurcellVor 8 Tage

    Love the song and love the both of you soooo much💖 Would give my life to see and visit with the both of you. 😊 It would make my whole life, as I have followed the both of you from your starts. Just can't afford to see you in concert. Lots of LOVE ALWAYS💖

  • Char
    CharVor 8 Tage

    Justin’s so cute

  • Steven Freeman
    Steven FreemanVor 8 Tage

    These guys are so stoned.

  • Liliana Pacheco C.
    Liliana Pacheco C.Vor 8 Tage


  • Phyo Thet Tun
    Phyo Thet TunVor 8 Tage

    Shawn Medes's answer about the song is so nice and love it. When celebrities like them talking about their life is so motivated to normal people.

  • Muti Rahmawati
    Muti RahmawatiVor 8 Tage

    Is Justin Bieber went to homeschooling ? His English is general.