Rainbow Six Siege But Clash is UNSTOPPABLE❗


It shouldn't be a suprise to you that I'm INSANE with Rainbow Six Siege and it's operator Clash so here's a little montage where I perform a strategy here and there while ofcourse also memeing around!
Even with the new operator Goyo !!
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    What kind of smashing ;)

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    BikiniBodhi bodil 40?

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    Rip clash

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    please, mercy

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    Almost 100k likes tho!

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    1:39 - 100k likes but 99k likes :(

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    I just started playing r6s again (when o stopped they introtused lion) and all games people have banned clash so this is my first time seeing her

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    2000 likes left we can revive bikini

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    It had been a year.. but he still has not been revived

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    lamo i see in chat gi

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    A year later, and he’s still dead. No revive I guess.

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    Clash should be removed from rainbow six siege

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    Sadly Ubi never revived him

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    Someone definitely made flash and bikini fan fic

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    4:04 I can’t stop laughing

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    Fuck clash mains they ruin ranked and unranked matches

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    1:14 is beautifull **KILL THEM FASTER**

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    0:48 man I said fookin lazer sights just before thatcher said that, I did not expect him to edit that in bruh...

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    Fookin láser sights

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    Kids...don’t vape 6:29

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    Bikini ur ded how can u record videos

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    1:14 its our ace

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    4:07 😂😂😂

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    1:42 "and add bosg acog"........... lmao

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    ı think clash is op but clash is not op bikiniBodhi is play good :/

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    Even to this day, Ubisoft has yet to revive him

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    I luv how calm they are when they are beying shocked

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    Ubi still cant recice him😢

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    That pokemon music😂

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    Its still didnt get 100k likes, so sad

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    İm banning clash every time

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    I like cheese

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    1 year has passed and bikini is still not revived...pls lets reach a 100k likes

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    The Guy still didnt got revived ; - ;

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    Can someone tell me this sound effect 3:38

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    Well he never got revived by ubi

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    I think clash is gay

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    3:30 fucking master yi

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    Looks like he's still dead lol

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    Gues bikini dies

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    Rainbow six siege but clash is not taken out of the game

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    Vcs são mó noob

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    Thanks for making me a clash main

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    Bikini has been dead for 10 months, only 7k likes to go until ubisoft let's him live again

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    Bikinibodhi is ded because of the likes

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    4:02 probs the best moment in the whole video

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    Bikini was never revived by Ubisoft.

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    Yea hes still ded

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    1:25 Bikini's crys :'(

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    I wanna be super toxic so I can improve my ranked

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    *sad music playing* He will never get a clash ace.... *C r A b R a V e I n T e N s I f I e S*

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    1:26 Hitler 1944

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    Bikini plays lol? Lol.

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    In the socond clip chowder and whoever was there seemed to overreact soo much

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    Ur gay if u use clash

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    My 3rd ace was with clash on cavs map

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    I love the editing.

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    This video almost reach 100k!! Ubisoft is goin to révive bikini!!!

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    I just came back from a casual game and some one was dosing the server. And this video helped me recover.

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    I love how he thinks clash requires skill

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    4:31 when my mom tells me to do the dishes

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    it didnt reach 100k likes. D:

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    4:37 is basically 2020 in a nutshell

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    Bikini died of his wounds cuz he didn’t ace If vid gets 100k likes ubi will revive him Vid only has 91k likes yet still posts another video

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    i miss red dot on clash... yes i run red dot

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    we all do bud :(

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    Why when the man starts firing at the hostage the song rule britannia starts playing😂

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    1:25 best part

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    Dude. I am from the future. The newest season in my timeline is Steel Wave. The characters are Melusi and Ace

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    Bronson HoranVor 5 Monate

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  • TheMegaBite
    TheMegaBiteVor 5 Monate

    Fun fact: Tail whip lowers the opponents defense, which Bikini did.

  • Ion Marian
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  • GLITCH Boltzz
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    Btw I f people up with clash

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    I belive in you Bikini you can get one if you try and try even more!

  • Queezy
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    Bikini: Clash is unstoppable Ubi: *Nerfs, disables and bans Clash* I dont think so