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Ayy, yeah
Ayy, ayy
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
La-La-Latinas (Eh)
I want a girl like Shakira, eh
Esa latina está rica (Ah)
I want a familia chica que sepa vivir y que viva la vida
I need a bien bonita (Wuh)
Elegante señorita (Wuh)
Girl, I want you and I need ya
All of my life, yup, baby, let's team up
I want a girl that shine like glitter (Ping)
A girl that don't need no filter
The real for real
A girl that's a natural killa (Prr)
I wanna girl that's a heater (Hot)
Caliente, off the meter (Hot)
Yo quiero, mira, yo quiero
Una chica que no me diga mentiras
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así
Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
Me llevas en tu mente
Soy adictiva como el azúcar
Me buscas permanentemente
¿No ves que solo quiero jugar?
Latinas, latinas
La-La-Latinas, la-la-latinas
Sacúdelo como, Shaki
Baby, drop it low on top me
Electric field, so shock me
Your hips don't lie, they rock me
Baby, come get me, you got me
Oye, mami, ven aquí
You know I'm liking what I see
Muévelo, muévelo, muévelo así
Yo quiero una mujer
Una princesa no tiene pa' ver
Esa chick with no boundaries like that fue what ev'
Buena en la cama, she good in the bed
A girl that be using her head (Her head)
To use the cabeza, the best
I want a girl who's a diva
No quiero otra, sí, eso es
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
When I come it shines like glitter
Baby, you know I need no filter
For real, I'm real
You know I'm real
Like that my lips are so glossy
Like how my neck is so bossy
Baby, if you do it my way
Just for the hell of it, I'll let you love me
Latinas, latinas
Sha-Sha-Shakira, Sha-Sha-Shakira
I like latinas
Ones who look like Selena
Shake your bunda like Anitta
Morena estás más fina
I like dominicanas
Boricuas and colombianas
In East L.A. I like the chicans
And they want a piece of the big manzana, eh
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
Me llevas en tu mente
Soy adictiva como el azúcar
Me buscas permanentemente
¿No ves que solo quiero jugar?
(C) 2020 BEP Music, LLC, under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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