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    PLEASE a guy goes “we’re just on X-factor?” harry the narcissist he is “YES I WAS😏!”

  • J Patel
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    Okay but the way he say obviously. “OVeRsEa”

  • Brooke Andrews
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    The way his hands slide in at the beginning I'm dying

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    Ever time I watch this interview which is every week I start crying this is my comfort I love this man so much and Zane Lowe is so nice

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    Welp it’s 2021

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    Let’s be honest.... this is not your first time here

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    tw: piligrim harry

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    Wow, this was the most beautiful interview I have ever seen. The line: 'If you are taking anything (drugrelated) to escape, to try and hide from any stuff, then you shouldn't even drink', I wil take with me. It is hard and I sometimes am lost, but I will not give up this fight.

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    40:22 Harry: London's Me: Quite big hahaha

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    Damn pilgrim Harry is really gonna be staring at us in the face during tour 😀🤚

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    why do you need therapy when you can watch this


    the video should say TW: Pilgrim Harry

  • Leonard Mîntulescu
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    Usually, you don't open up to interviews, but now, I've seen you more relaxed and comfortable. Your work makes you a free man. Good luck and thank you for making me love music.

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    Are these the hands of a family man? 'Cause I think not.

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    did i just watch a 1 minute video of a table? yes.

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    1 year ago.....speaks many words

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    He is the sweetest creature ...whom we all want.

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    this video never fails to make me laugh help

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    POV: DEnewss just recommended this to you

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    This is like ASMR or something

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    This reminds me of those close up doll reviews I used to watch back when I was a bean

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    This seems like a unboxing video from a child. Haha I love it. His hands and tattoos and nail polish and rings and how’s he so gentle and how there is no sound but I can just imagine what he might be saying by the way he motions or gesticulated his hands. Lmfao remember that one interview with Liam and that word. Good time anyways ya I love him album and him off SO MUCH FOREVER AND ALWAYS. WE DONT DESERVE HIM BUT HE DESERVES THE WORLD. 🥺💚✨

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    Your hands omg

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    This was one of the best interviews I've seen of Harry they're just sitting and talking about normal things and about his career and friendship no hate no sexualizing Harry no nothing just a normal interview it's so calm and peaceful I hope that 1D comes back ahh😭

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    This is honestly just like a therapy session i love it

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    the way he's presenting it with his hands just reminds me of how teachers are under the hover cam

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    MMK as fotos ,eu te amo Harry vc é o ser mais preciosos do mundo !😭😭

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    pilgrim harry is superior

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    hahaha this was in my recommended today love you harry 💕💕

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    This interview is my safe place

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    Hands ahhhh. Harry’s hand are just *breathtaking*

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    49 minutes of harry styles talking yup

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    Аааааааааааааа я не знаю что он говорит 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Clara representación de ''Simple but effective''

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    I want Harry to do another one of these interviews now. I wanna know how he’s doing in quarantine. I hope he’s doing good. I love Harry 💖

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    just zane and james can make a interview with harry

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    i thought that he will say london's ... quite big :`D

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    Great album Harry! You have grown artistically quite a bit. You and all you are and all you do (to the public eye that is) remind me of a song from my favorite band Pink Floyd, and it goes like this: Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar, You're gonna go far, You're gonna fly high, You're never gonna die, You're gonna make it if you try, They're gonna love you.

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    “where you just on x-factor?” “ 😁 yes i was!” i literally want to cry he’s too adorable

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    Harry is not just beautiful but also intelligent... :)

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    free therapy

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    why am I crying

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    Only One man who is simple an he just himself.. simple and amazing.. 💕

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    but why are his hands so hot🖐🏻😭

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    love it:)

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    This is literally better than "70 Questions" vogue does

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    coming back for my weekly therapy session

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    No one: Harry: announces album with a noiseless asmr video

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    Stay humble, beautiful human being!!!

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    I just want to sit down forever and ask him questions and questions, about certain songs, new songs, his life EVERYTHING

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    Are u ever just like, HARRY IS A REAL PERSON!

  • Cornejo Cabrales Ariel
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    This interview made me cry.

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    Don't worry about it everything is going to be fine. Always makes me cry 😭❤️ and no not in a cool way.

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    LOVE YOU HARRY! oh shot i forgot cap locks were on.

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    Not pilgrim harry 😭😭

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    Esto de ser pobre 🙃

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    It’s weird how zayn has 4 million more subscribers than Harry, ngl I love all the members but Harry hits different if ykwim

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    Zane, Nick and James..no other interviewer should even touch Harry..he’s too precious

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    I love this man

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    estou triste 😔

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    When my anxiety gets too bad and I can’t sleep I just play this interview and it immediately calms me down 🙂

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    It’s already been a year since this video what-

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